Silhouette Partners With Future Astronaut Alyssa Carson To Celebrate World Space Week

Alyssa Carson Silhouette Eyewear

As a global leader in premium rimless eyewear, Austria-based Silhouette’s innovative Titan Minimal Art design has been the eyewear of choice worn in space for over 20 years, accompanying astronauts on 69 space missions and spending an Earth-shattering 86,762 hours – or nearly 10 years – in space.  The ultra-lightweight – just 1.8 grams – hinge-less, screwless composition of Titan Minimal Art reduces the potential danger to astronauts, unlike traditional eyeglasses which have screws and parts that pose the risk of becoming loose while in space. With Alyssa Carson’s plans for future space travel and the fact that she wears corrective eyewear in her daily life, a partnership with Silhouette was a perfect fit.

Alyssa Carson has been a visionary with her sights set on space travel for nearly her entire life.  At 21, she is on track to be one of the first people on Mars – a dream she has had since she was just three years old.  By the time she reached seven years old, Alyssa attended Space Camp for the first of seven times. Today, she is an Astronautical Science Researcher at the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS), author of So You Want To Be An Astronaut, and is the proud founder of The Blueberry Foundation, providing education to young people who are interested in studying STEM.

Empowered by lightness, on Earth and beyond

 Evoking a true sense of lightness and inspiration, Alyssa kicked off World Space Week sporting the new TMA – The Icon with Tinted Lenses in Spheric Silver, showing that she’s ready to take on whatever the day brings.  She also gravitated to the collection’s Cosmic Blue and Radient Rosegold tinted lenses. With their soft gradient lenses and modern, oversized shapes, the TMA – The Icon with tinted lenses collection is the perfect lightweight accessory to give wearers a vibrant view of their world – and beyond!  In her final look, Alyssa channeled her inner astronaut ready to lift off into space in her TMA – Must eyewear in Jet Black.

When two visionaries collide

 Commenting on the company’s partnership with the must-know visionary, Silhouette Brand Director Atissa Tadjadod, said: “Silhouette has been a visionary company since the brand’s inception; most notably with the 1999 introduction of the rimless Titan Minimal Art design which redefined the eyewear industry as we know it. We are constantly innovating and looking towards the future, so partnering with such an inspiring young visionary as Alyssa Carson to celebrate World Space Week and Silhouette’s space legacy was a natural fit.”

Stay tuned for more information and exciting updates on Alyssa’s Instagram account @nasablueberry and @silhouetteeyewear.

Alyssa Carson Silhouette



About Silhouette

Founded in 1964, Silhouette is the global leader in premium rimless eyewear. In 1999, the family-operated company revolutionized the glasses industry with an innovative screwless, hingeless, and rimless model called Titan Minimal Art. This innovative design – made from start to finish in Austria and weighing only 1.8 grams – was unlike anything the world had ever seen. All Silhouette glasses are made from the highest quality materials using cutting edge technology and the finest handcraftsmanship. In fact, around 80% of the build is carried out by hand. This ensures the glasses deliver best-in-class comfort to a global market of more than 100 countries on five continents and in space. With 50 patents and over 100 design awards under its belt, Silhouette has a relentless commitment to quality: Over 100 quality control checks must be carried out before a single pair of glasses leaves its headquarters in Linz, Austria.

About Silhouette Group

Headquartered in Linz, Austria, the Silhouette Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium eyewear, with over 1,300 employees worldwide. With 13 international subsidiaries, the family-owned company is the market leader in rimless eyewear, which has brought it acclaim and success around the world. Exports account for 95% of its production. Silhouette eyewear is available in over 100 countries. Since 2017, the company has been a full-service provider of frames and lenses – Made in Austria. In 2021, around 1.3 million pairs of glasses were sold worldwide.

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