SILMO Paris 2024 – The Momentum Of The Present And Future

Entrance to Hall 5 - SILMO Paris 2023

The 2024 SILMO Paris trade fair is getting ready to welcome all of the players from the optics sector with more than 900 exhibitors participating in the event and 1,500 brands from 144 countries throughout the world on hand to showcase their offers. This key event will take place at a 75,000 m² (807,000 square foot) venue (Halls 6 & 7), offering a top-tier platform for an in-depth look at the latest technological developments, product innovations and trends that are shaping the future of the optics industry on a global scale.

The success of SILMO Paris resides in the extent and depth of its offer, which covers all components of the sector: eyewear, lenses, machines, point-of-sale layouts and stands, retail chains and central purchasing groups, training, etc. As an international crossroads for business, the trade fair also owes its success to the many tools for review and analysis as well as the unique spaces for exchanging ideas to better envision the future of the optics-eyewear industry, grouped together under the banner of SILMO NEXT. This concept explains the trade fair’s intention to be at the cutting edge of the aesthetic and technological challenges of a sector firmly focused on the future.

At the same time, the emergence of technologies such as in-shop 3D printing is redefining eyewear fabrication with increased automation, thus reducing the impact on the environment. This transformation will enable opticians to focus on high-added-value services, becoming genuine consultants for visual comfort and preventive healthcare, even integrating functions such as audio technology and fall prevention.

In this constantly developing landscape, it is vital for opticians to get a firm grasp on these changes so they can remain relevant and successful. In fact, Meta announced that connected glasses will replace smartphones in several years, transforming the optician’s traditional role. To remain essential players, professionals must reinvent the shop experience, re-centring the offer on customer service and innovation, while reworking the economic model in order to stay competitive in the coming decade.”

2024 SILMO PARIS continues to highlight its intention to remain at the fore of the aesthetic and technological challenges of an industry looking ahead into the future. From 20 to 23 September, the fair’s different dedicated spaces will offer the chance to discover the optics-eyewear industry of the future, reflecting this ambition to continually stay one step ahead.

SILMO Paris rest area



Set up on different complementary areas, the FUTUROLOGY space invites visitors to take an immersive dive into the future of optics with exciting prospects for 2025 through 2035. Technological innovations and interactive experiences show the sector’s different future paths that visitors can discover as a range of test benches.


The physical and virtual worlds now join together to explore new approaches in the design of points of sale with the aim of making the customer path more streamlined and intuitive.
Digital Experience: this space is for learning about how mobile technologies and AI are transforming traditional visual tests.

Vision Test & Personalised Measurements: virtual reality headsets simulate different lens solutions, while 3D scanners offer accurate measurements for optimal eyewear personalization.

Virtual Fitting & Local Production: custom eyewear creation is possible using AI. A personalised avatar makes it easier to virtually fit frames and then the 3D print produces the eyewear in real time, complemented by on-site lens edging and mounting for 100% local, zero-kilometre production!


At the core of Futurology, a space for learning and sharing showcases the latest innovations.

Pitches/Workshop: a circular stage with two-foot bridges set up for dynamic presentations, pitches from start-ups, and interactive workshops.

Connected Products: 5 displays exhibit connected products while a special display unveils a connected eyewear concept, the result of the work of the Committee of Experts. These displays offer a glimpse into future trends and technologies that will transform daily life.


The real and virtual worlds are not just overlapping, but existing together to offer unique and surprising immersive experiences.

Virtual Experiences: a section devoted to RX experiences and raising awareness about vision impairment, created in cooperation with Arts et Métiers, to understand the challenges of low vision through immersive simulations.

Smart Product Demonstrations: Two pieces of smart eyewear, Meta and Pulse Audition, are put forward so visitors can experience these smart eyeglasses that integrate advanced features, combining comfort, design, and technology.


The FUTUROLOGY space that explores near and distant futures reflects the TRENDS EXHIBITION, which offers a look at the images, shapes, colors and materials of different eyewear, a comprehensive overview that sheds light on the best eyeglasses and sunglasses from the exhibitors at the trade fair. A stage design completed by an edition of TRENDS by SILMO constructed as a real trend book. The four identified trends to follow:


Single-color, two-color, three-color, and multicolored, the glasses present color palettes that are not afraid to show bold color combinations to chase away dark thoughts.


Quiet design makes an impression through minimalist style without embellishment, the height of clear design. Metal is out ahead, but acetate knows how to get in shape to make a place for itself in this quest for a streamlined design.


Long-standing staples, timeless and forever in fashion, classics possess an attractiveness that enables them to easily move through all periods and fads. And they can reinvent themselves without ever going around in circles!


Sunglasses hold an increasingly important place in the eyewear sector (with or without sun!) They’ve become an accessory that is perfectly integrated into the collections of major luxury and fashion brands while long-standing or new creative eyewear manufacturers are making space for themselves in this sector with extensive offers.


Now part of the large program for enhancing the sector, the 2024 OPTICAL AND EYEWEAR DESIGN CONTEST is open to students from design schools around the world, and this year it places emphasis on the changing role of accessory eyewear, exploring the possibilities for new features and the resulting innovative uses. Overseen by renowned designer Olivier Jault, the competition encourages students to rethink eyeglasses beyond their traditional function, integrating unique characteristics that respond to the emerging needs of our modern society.

SILMO D'Or winners 2023


The ultimate awards for the talent of the sector’s players, the SILMO d’OR prizes are decided by a jury of professionals. The festive and prestigious ceremony will be held in an exceptional venue in Paris and will mark the 30th anniversary of the SILMO d’OR awards.
All the nominated and winning products will be exhibited in Hall 7, providing an exceptional display of the innovations and talent found in our sector.


SILMO ACADEMY is a top-tier scientific symposium that is vital in underscoring the progress, discussions, and reflections occurring in the sector with a new format planned this year. A €10,000 grant will also be awarded to support a research project in vision and optical sciences.

2024 SILMO promises to be an important event for the entire optics sector, combining innovation, reflection, and discussions to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Join the Optical Journal at SILMO Paris, September 20-23, 2024 at Paris Nord Villepinte.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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