Single Swipe – Sunglasses To Readers – 32°N


Summer. When being outdoors competes with reading. Whether it’s sitting in an outdoor café trying to read the menu, or in a hammock, trying to read a book, summer usually means carrying multiple pairs of eyewear for most people over 40.

Some people opt for carrying a pair of reading glasses and a pair of sunglasses. Others opt for photochromic lenses for their readers. While still others buy reading glasses with tinted lenses. All usable options. All with compromises.

There is a new option on the horizon. 32°N sunglasses are the first (and only) dynamic focus glasses. Sunglasses and reading glasses in one single pair. They believe that glasses should adapt to the people wearing them; Not the other way around.

With 32°N sunglasses, you can look at the horizon, then swipe and effortlessly check your messages. Admire the view, swipe, and then seamlessly continue reading. Mimicking the way your eyes are used to working,  you can see what you want when you want. Same glasses, no progressives, no bifocals, no adjustment period needed.

32°N sunglasses uses DEEPOPTICS proprietary technology that dynamically corrects vision impairment using pixelated liquid crystal (LC) lenses. The lenses perform like the human eye, allowing the wearer to see what they want when they want.



DEEPOPTICS Pixelated Liquid Crystal (LC) lenses in action:  The LC layer is split into millions of tiny pixels, capable of rotation of the LC molecules at every point across the panel. This creates an unlimited number of dynamic, high-quality lenses that can be changed at any moment. Even the PD can be controlled and changed so that when reading close, the PD can be adjusted slightly smaller. The 32°N Sunglasses are controlled by a swipe on the temple and can be set up through a smartphone app

The 32°N Sunglasses by Deep Optics are currently raising money and securing pre-orders on their Kickstarter page. The product is expected to be available to both ECPs and consumers in 2022. DEEPOPTICS is reportedly looking at showcasing its beta models at some of the upcoming trade shows this fall.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024