Smart Eyeglasses For The Ears

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We hear about smartglasses all the time. From the infamous Google Glass of 2013 to the plethora of smartglasses showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, smartglasses are getting better and more prolific. Dozens of new smartglasses are being conceived of and released every year. While many smartglasses concentrate on  AI (Artificial Intelligence) such as facial recognition, others are attempting to integrate AR (Augmented Reality) for decorators, designers, and gamers.

We came across a smartglass recently that isn’t interested in adding anything to your vision, but a lot to your eyeglasses. The LET Glass is focused on adding sound to your eyeglasses and appears to do so in a wonderfully discreet way.

The LET Glass features audio through your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite podcast or streaming station through bone conduction speakers that transmit sound through your bones without blocking your ears with earbuds. You get the music or story you want and still hear the important sounds of the world around you.

The LET Glass also has a built-in microphone to allow phone calls. Best of all, these glasses have Amazon’s Alexa integrated into the software, but easily allow the use of Google Now and Apple Siri, if you prefer.

We are pretty excited about these smartglasses and see a pretty good future for LET.  More information can be found on their Indiegogo page.