Smiling With Stormin Norman Optical Supplies

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There was a time, when I was a rep in the field, I would walk in an office and the staff were laughing.. What did I miss? The infamous Stormin Norman. Now I have never met him but I have met his son, Jared, with his 2 brothers who has taken over the reins of the Stormin Norman Empire, just in time for their 25th year celebration. We love family owned and operated companies!

Walking by them at Vision Expo East, one of the things I notices is this Hint of The Tint Pens, a great way to customize rimless glasses. Perfectly in line with a consumer trend of Bespoke and or custom eyewear. Why let them go online, when you can customize with their favorite color in-house.  Developed by Stormin Norman These are pens you can use to ‘draw’ their favorite accent color on the frames. Very easy to do, takes a few minutes and voila, custom eyewear.


Another way to build your brand is customization of eyewear supplies, such as cases and microfiber cleaning cloths. They do all the work in-house out of Boca and will even do your QR codes. Private label supplies are also available.

The offer everything from lab supplies, surfacing and finishing supplies, eyewear, displays, medical supplies and eyewear accessories,

Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Ultra Sonic Cleaner

For more information and to see what they have available- check them out at the below links.

Check them out, we have heard of them for years, they have a good reputation in the industry.