Snap Introduces Spectacles 3

Snap has announced the introduction of Spectacles 3, the latest version of Spectacles sunglasses with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D.

Spectacles 3 are built with a strong, lightweight steel frame and circular lenses. Two HD cameras on either side of the frame capture depth and dimension the way your eyes do, and power new augmented reality creative tools to enhance your Snaps.

It’s easy to reimagine your favorite moments with a suite of new 3D Effects. Create your own magic moment, or add new lighting, landscapes, and other magical effects to an entire scene with a swipe. The frames will let users apply augmented reality filters onto the pictures and videos they take, making it look like the effects exist in real life. One effect, makes it appear that the wearer of the glasses is walking underwater. Another encases your environment in glitter. The glasses can also take 3D photos, which will come with a tilting effect when viewed to make them visible from different angles.

Snap has tried twice before to make a go of their Spectacles to disappointing results. Snap is trying to find a solid foothold in the ultra-competitive social media universe. With 200 million daily users, they want to carve a niche of their own and move beyond the place where nude photos that disappear in a day seem to rule and give their teen audience something to truly covet.

Spectacles 3 will ship this fall and are available to pre-order now at

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