SNOB Milano Celebrates 100 Years Of Sordelli

SNOB Milano Anniversario

In the year that the company celebrates its centenary – Sordelli, as it has been affectionately known in the sector for decades – SNOB Milano wanted to pay homage to the company but, above all, to the family who put their faith in this project since its debut almost ten years ago, with a special set of precious titanium eyewear.

Anniversario is the name chosen for this exclusive range of glasses with magnetic clip-on sunglasses and ZEISS Sunlens lenses, that comes in two versions with a special leather case. It is a limited and numbered edition, with only 150 copies of each being made, and available only in selected outlets.


Titanium, a material chosen for its exceptional quality and excellent characteristics, makes its debut for the first time in this special collection and carries an important message: our profound thanks to the company and the family that has supported us over the years, but also thanks to the opticians and the public who, over the years, have chosen the style and quality of SNOB Milano.

“Special thanks to the family for taking good care of us, and for believing in the unpredictable. We don’t know of any more skilled hands, safer arms, or bigger hearts. It is with great pride that we mark this chapter of our history together and we want to share it with you, those who have chosen our product, and appreciated the style and quality of our frames, unconsciously attracted to a very rare 100-year-old soul”.

SORDELLI – Made in Italy Eyewear

SNOB Milano is an eyewear collection designed, produced, and distributed in Italy by Franco Sordelli, a company from Venegono Inferiore – Varese, Italy’s second-largest eyewear production district, and which has been in business since 1921. In 100 years of operation Sordelli has gradually established itself as an expert in the production and processing of plastic materials, becoming a leader in the plastic products and semi-finished products sector in the 1950s, and later specializing in the production and distribution of eyewear. Touch and Snob Milano are the company’s two brands.

Speed, flexibility, a streamlined decision-making processes, a home-based production capacity, and an open-minded attitude have been the distinctive features of this family-run business. Over the years, the founder Franco, together with his sons Luca and Dino, have established the company on the international scene.

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