SNOB Milano Tees Up Golf Lenses From ZEISS

SNOB Milano Golf lens

ZEISS Sunlens has developed for SNOB Milano a specific lens for Golf that mainly acts on two fundamental colors of the color spectrum, blue and green. In particular: the blue light is reflected from the white ball and the green light, which is predominant, is reflected from the golf course.

There are many benefits of the developed lens: better depth perception, high-contrast vision, and better detection of the white ball on the green. The new lens offers a brighter field of view with maximum image definition and allows you to better identify the white ball during the swing compared to the green background of the grass and blue of the sky. Finally, the reduction in green light allows the eye to have high-contrast visibility of the visual field, especially in changing light conditions or on cloudy days.

“Once again, we have found in ZEISS Sunlens a reliable partner, attentive to customer requests and of course of the highest quality,” – comments Tommaso Bossetti – founder of Snob. “The introduction of an additional sports clip allows us to be even more competitive, offering our audience a triple function of use with a single pair of glasses: optical, sunglasses with our classic clip-on and sports-oriented thanks to the new clip-on.”

SNOB Milano Golf lenses


About SNOB Milano

SNOB Milano is an eyewear collection designed and produced entirely in Italy, in the Lombard eyewear district, which represents the excellence of magnetic clip-on glasses thanks to an exclusive small “Z” on the sun filters: the ZEISS Sunlens logo, to guarantee quality and optical excellence throughout the range. In recent years, SNOB Milano has successfully introduced new trends and design currents as part of the cohesive evolution of a collection that is centered on the product and the user, positioning itself as an impactful creator and trendsetter. From a simple concept collection that broke into the market with a simple but brilliant idea based on the concept of a flat lens, it is now a complete collection with a highly recognizable brand identity that is much appreciated all over the world. Proof of this is the strong partnership forged with ZEISS Sunlens for a signature collection of optical glasses with magnetic solar clip-ons: an exclusive partnership that ensures the production of all the solar clips in the collection, with high-quality optical excellence.

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