Solving Vision Poverty With 21,467 Pairs of Glasses Donated

American fashion eyewear company Hip Optical has donated 21,467 pairs of glasses to people in need since its inception. As it rapidly gains ground in the optical industry, it’s committed to helping more people see their future.

What prompted Hip Optical to take action is the challenge called “Vision Poverty” that humanity is now facing – nearly one billion people globally live without access to glasses. Though “Vision Poverty” rarely attracts intense media attention, its impact on a person’s whole life cannot be overlooked. To be precise, blurred vision can deprive an individual of over 35% productivity and consequently 20% monthly income. Compared to many other socio-economic scenarios that give rise to poverty, “Vision Poverty” is entirely preventable and eradicable.

To effectively help people living in poor conditions aggravated by troubled eyesight, Hip Optical reached out to join forces with RestoringVision, the largest global non-profit provider of reading glasses to impoverished people. This philanthropic alliance has been working nonstop to make sure that with every Hip Optical order, one pair of glasses is donated to a person who cannot afford to buy it.

Eric Scarfo, one of the co-founders of Hip Optical, said, “For us, fashion should make you feel comfortable and the world a little better at the same time. We see great beauty in being fair and kind, instead of being exclusive. That’s why we’re incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to craft luxury quality eyeglasses for the masses while helping the cause we believe in. We’re excited to see the market embracing us back with enthusiasm.”

Hip Optical blends the world of fashion and prescription eyewear with luxury quality at prices that don’t break the bank. All eyeglasses are US$95 including made-in-America prescription lenses. Every order comes with 24/7 customer support plus free USA shipping. For more information, please visit

About Hip Optical:

Hip Optical is an American fashion eyewear company that has been revolutionizing the optical industry with innovative product iteration and impeccable service. All lenses are made in the USA.