Something To Aspire To This Fall

Capturing the visible horizon where earth and sky meet, Aspire’s latest hand-crafted collection translates this point in space into a design that fuses two metal pieces at various points along a frame, forming a visible horizon.

At the intersection of lightweight and durability, this collection blends beta titanium’s strengthening properties with flexible, light, and airy designs.

New to the Aspire Eyewear brand, this Fall/Winter release is the first time the brand has utilized ultra-thin beta titanium as part of each frame’s construction.

Coveted for its lightweight feel, beta-titanium is known for being both stronger and lighter than traditional titanium eyewear. Due to its elastic properties, even a thinly designed beta-titanium frame retains its strength, allowing for more delicate

Loving Black

With a lightweight profile, Loving blends a sophisticated, modified rectangular eye shape into several beautiful colorways. Available in three colors and one size.

Beautiful Winegold

This fashionable modified round frame infuses gold-colored metal accents on each end piece with classic colored frame fronts. Available in three colors and one size.

Inspired Blackmate

Inspired captures a trendy P3 shape and mixes this silhouette with unique details like a foil overlay along the front rim. Available in two colors and one size.

Rich Gunmetal

This easy to wear rectangular frame is timeless in design and ultra-lightweight, giving wearers a ‘barely there’ feel. Available in two colors and one size.

Check out the entire Aspire line on the ClearVision Optical website.

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