Sorry You Missed Us

You Missed Us

I both laugh and shudder every time I walk past a local high-end real estate office near my office and I see the sign above.

Yes, my office is located in one of the more upscale business districts in Colorado, but the haughtiness and superiority displayed in this sign surpass most everything else in this district of over 400 businesses including 63 spas & salons, 42 restaurants, 27 banks, and financial institutions, and 23 art galleries, all within 13 blocks of one another. Who is the important party in this sign?

You missed US? Or did we miss YOU?

I bring this up because we often forget that the customer or patient who interrupts our bookkeeping or our straightening displays is THE reason we open our doors every morning. The very fact that we are able to meet with vendors, pay our rent, pay our employees and afford to put groceries on the table is solely based on the fact that someone values our products or services enough to pay for them.

Like you, customers can call me in the middle of the most delicate editing of a Photoshop document. I have at times lost a good 30 minutes of work because of ringing phone. Am I upset? Yes….but at myself for not saving my work more often. Since I get phone calls from all over the country, I don’t always recognize every number. That phone call can be the new customer I am courting, or Ed McMann’s successor at Publisher’s Clearing House offering me $1 million. It could also be some telemarketer informing me of some BS they are pitching today. It could be a rep trying to sell me the worst frames on the market. If I remember to treat that rep with respect, even though I have no desire to purchase their wares today, when the time comes that the same rep is now selling the hottest line around they will remember I was at least polite and willing to give them a bit of my time.

By the same token, the pain in the rear customer who interrupted my inventory count just to have the nose pads adjusted on the glasses they didn’t even buy from me, could be the customer who walks into my practice next week to purchase 2 pair of designer frames with top of the line free-form lenses.

Whether I am the vendor or the customer, YOU should be the important one in the relationship, not me….even if I am the one paying. We’re sorry we missed YOU!____

Daniel Feldman, is a co-founder to the Visionaries Group, an optical consulting firm specializing in helping eye care practices achieve success at or on Facebook.

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