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LUMAG manufacture

Soldering, sanding, and polishing – LUMAG produces metal spectacle frames in the manufacture in Kämpfelbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany by hand and with dedication. An idea maturing for a long time took shape in 2018: The Lunor Manufaktur Gesellschaft, LUMAG for short, was founded. “Our own manufacture, this is the culmination of our company’s history to date,” says delighted Lunor CEO Michael Fux. The development stage took a year and six months before the first frame of the Lunor flagship Classic could be delivered at the beginning of 2020. The M5 model followed shortly afterwards. And success shows that it is no utopian dream to produce regionally and fair. Starting with spectacle manufacturing from scratch, Lunor created a sustainable and high-quality manufacturing location with its workshop that already produces between 50 and 75 frames per day.

Step by step towards perfection

A long development stage was necessary until the production at LUMAG could really get started. The manufacturing process had gradually been brought to perfection with specially constructed tools for the manufacture, a search for matching suppliers, and training of the right personnel. “We have been able to create the best possible conditions for producing our models with the expertise of our technical manager that meanwhile has more than 50 years of experience in spectacle manufacturing. The tools necessary for that are not available ready-made; we had to design them first, and partly manufacture them ourselves as well,” summarizes LUMAG Manager Simon Dietzfelbinger the initial challenges. The models Classic and M5 are currently produced by three employees at the manufacture, just a few kilometers away from the company headquarters in Bad Liebenzell.
From order to delivery, each part passes at least eight hands; this way, causes of faults are noticed early on and can be fixed quickly. Soldering, sanding, polishing by hand, and grinding by machine is done on site. Electroplating, application of paint, assembly, and alignment follow with external partners at the moment, all of them based in Germany. Therefore, not only best quality but also a production completely “made in Germany” can be guaranteed.

To success with stainless steel

Those frames that are produced in Kämpfelbach have a special feature – their material; because, unlike many other manufacturers, Lunor completely relies on stainless steel. The advantage of this is that nickel as a shiny layer can be dispensed with, thereby minimizing the risk of allergies. In addition, the material is solid, stainless, and has a naturally smooth surface. On the other hand, working on it is significantly more complex because soldering of stainless steel requires not only more knowhow and effort but also very high temperatures. At LUMAG, parts are soldered at up to 830 degrees centigrade using protective gas atmosphere. “With a wish for a uniform material for all the frames, the conscious avoidance of nickel, and with our high-quality standards, stainless steel was chosen in the end,” says Dietzfelbinger.

The Lunor Classic: A classic as the first LUMAG frame

Lunor Classic
Lunor Classic

It is no coincidence that the Classic is the first LUMAG model. Lunor had launched this frame already in the early 90s, which became a design icon thanks to its famous wearer Steve Jobs; our brand portfolio cannot be imagined without it. This frame combines precise craftsmanship, perfect vintage details and a special lightness. The Classic with its innovative W-bridge developed by Lunor can do without nose pads; a specially designed concave lower rim of the screw head provides optimum pressure distribution on the glass and best wearing comfort. A legend itself, the elegant and discreet model heralds the start of a new era in Lunor history with its production at our own manufacture. 7 different shapes of this line (round, octagon, panto, anatomic, panatomic, crown panto, and oval) in the colors gold, platinum, antique silver, and antique gold are produced at LUMAG.

The Lunor M5: A piece of spectacle history from LUMAG

Lunor M5
Lunor M5

The second model that could be launched from LUMAG after a 10-month development stage of most intensive material research, individual tool production as well as numerous load tests, is the M5. This frame is the new edition of the Lunor V that was first introduced to the market in the 1990s – therefore, more than 20 years of experience are in this classic 2.0. This timeless frame stands for understatement and practicality with a light and precisely developed stainless-steel frame. The M5 is available in panto, oval, and round shape in the colors gold, platinum, antique silver, and antique gold. The newest color black is currently in the planning stage; the market launch is expected for the Opti 2022.

Sustainability as a fundamental requirement
Apart from the wellbeing of our employees, green power, barely any packaging waste, and recycled materials are a basic understanding at Lunor, and of course also at LUMAG. By supporting various projects of reafforestation in Colombia, Uruguay, and India, Lunor can offset its CO2 emissions again in the 2021/2022 season, and therefore is considered to be a climate-neutral company. “It is our top priority to act resource-efficient. Our main building is almost self-sufficient, and we rely on a sustainable production in Germany,” explains Michael Fux. That is why all Lunor frames bear the attribute “handmade in Germany”. Merely with the production of its titanium models, the spectacle manufacturer from Southern Germany relies on expertise from Japan.

About Lunor
Lunor AG is appreciated by spectacles aficionados as a manufacturer of quality. In this, understatement not only characterizes the design of the brand but is also the unspoken mission statement of the company. As a highly specialized glasses manufacturer with an extensive range, Lunor has been producing German-made vintage glasses for over 25 years, gaining international appreciation in the process.

Stars such as Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Meg Ryan, and Uma Thurman have all been seen in their Lunor glasses. Apple founder Steve Jobs was also a big fan of the German premium brand. The rimless glasses that he wore without fail for 14 years originated with Lunor, advancing from a niche model to achieve cult status.

The collection also includes antique-looking metal rims, titanium frames, sunglasses and a broad range of acetate frames in retro design. The creation of each frame requires up to 200 individual steps. This attention to detail is appreciated worldwide. Markets with the strongest sales include the US, South Korea, France, and Japan. Further information can be found at www.lunor.com

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