Spider Webs And Optical Instruments: October 1949

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Popular Mechanix October 1949 Spiders Spun Her Career; By Luis Hochman

Meet a housewife who lives on the cobwebs in her home—and just loves Black Widows. “COME into my parlor,” said Mrs. Nan Songer to the big spider who sidled up beside her at her home in Yucaipa, Calif.

Because she not only refused to follow in Little Miss Muffet’s hasty footsteps but invited the spider into her home, the insects now are busy repaying Mrs. Songer for her kindness by spinning her the oddest career in the country—cultivating cobwebs, right in her own home. Every day her brood of more than 50 spiders turn out hundreds of feet of fine silken strands that she sells to manufacturers of precision optical instruments. (Full story)