SportRx Donates Prescription Inserts To Aid PPE Shortage

SportRx, is devoting their lab resources to make custom prescription inserts for goggles donated through Goggles for Docs. Goggles for Docs is a movement that arose through a request for help from an ER Doctor in NYC. Their mission is to get new and used ski and motocross goggles into the hands of healthcare workers to protect their eyes while they treat COVID-19 patients.

SportRx has dedicated the last 24 years to perfecting custom prescription sport sunglasses and prescription inserts for sports goggles. When SportRx learned some of their industry partners were donating goggles to frontline COVID-19 response teams, they saw an opportunity to help.

SportRx Vice President, Rob Tavakoli says, “Our mission is helping people see better so they can do the things they love. Vision is imperative for our frontline workers, even more so at a time like this. If they have to resort to using sports goggles given the PPE shortage, we want to make sure the goggles are equipped with the proper vision correction for medical staff with prescription needs.”

The proprietary goggle insert is a pair of impact-resistant, polycarbonate Rx lenses mounted on a polymer chassis. The insert comes in 15 different shapes and sizes, designed to fit virtually any snow or motocross goggle, and sure to accommodate the breadth of goggle donations through Goggles for Docs. SportRx will continue donating prescription inserts for as long as operationally possible.

SportRx CEO Dan Bruton stated, “No one could have imagined these circumstances, and we truly believe we are all in this together. We are using the resources we have to assist where we can make a difference, and hope the goodwill continues to spread.” While the SportRx optician team is working from the safety of their homes, they remain available to serve customers and healthcare workers and are committed to doing their part in the nation’s initiative to flatten the curve.


SportRx is a Southern California company at home in San Diego. They started in 1996 with a single thought, “Can we put prescription lenses in wrap-around sport sunglasses?” Their founding opticians figured it out, and for over two decades, they’ve mastered custom prescription sunglasses and goggles for virtually every sport. Each day, SportRx opticians dedicate themselves to helping people see better so they can do the things they love. These same opticians have educated millions of viewers on the best sports sunglasses and goggles with in-depth reviews and buyer’s guides on the SportRx YouTube channel and SportRx Blog.