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Paris France & Overland Park, KAN – March 2014 – The Serengeti approach to making premium eyewear is driven by the belief that luxury and compromise are not at all compatible. It is that guiding principal that led to the introduction of the Genus collection, an advanced line of sunglasses using advanced Trivex material for both frame fronts and lenses. New for mid-2014, the Serengeti Genus II collection possesses all of the benefits of the original, and – with an innovative modular design – adds an unprecedented level of flexibility with interchangeable lenses and a frame engineered to be Rx compatible.

Taking advantage of the light weight, durability and superior optical clarity of Trivex, Serengeti has developed a nontraditional form of lens interchangeability. With this new system, swapping tints no longer requires the often cumbersome manual removal of lenses from the frame. Instead, a “clip” with the users chosen lens tint is easily, quickly and securely affixed to the frame. Created to be an integrated design element – rather than a mere add-on – the result is both visually stunning and remarkably user friendly.


Another advantage of this unique system is that, with a prescription-friendly 4 base design, the frames can be easily fitted with clear RX lenses. Available for most prescriptions, AR coated Rx lenses – single vision and progressive – can be ordered in a selection of Trivex, Tribrid and High Index options through Serengeti’s VARIO Drive Thin Design program.


In terms of convenience and ease of use, traditional interchangeable lenses typically require a fair amount of compromise,” said Dani LaGace, Global Director of Eyewear. “With Genus II, we’ve developed a better, simpler and more aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy the benefit of a multiple lens system.”

  • All Genus II models use Polar PhD lenses, which incorporate three technologies to optimize common interactions with light, reducing eye strain and improving visual acuity:
  • Photochromic – Instantly adjusts tint to compensate for changing light conditions Spectral Control – Manages specific colors in the light spectrum to sharpen contrasts
  • Advanced Polarized Surface Technology – a proprietary process delivers up to 98% polarizing efficiency and removes any possibility of delaminating.

Arriving at retailers in May 2014, the two initial Genus II models – Palmiro and Enzo – will be available in a number of refined frame finishes.

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