Spring Shades from Erker’s 1879

Erkers 1879 S/S 24 Sunglasses on a man

Seven new sunglass models in four colors each have made their way into the Erker’s 1879 collection this Spring, bringing a range of new colorways to their heritage brand’s AP Collection. Handcrafted with a mix of quality materials in their distinctive subdued-modern palette, each new model reflects the timeless tradition of their family-focused brand.

Erkers 1879 Coal
Erkers 1879 Hall

Within their Spring sunglass release, four models were crafted using a custom-designed cellulose acetate: Coal, Hall, Walnut, and Watson. The Coal and Hall sunglasses are both of a feminine design, featuring oversized silhouettes with a dramatic style. The rims of Coal have a geometric shape with a cat eye edge and a steep brow, while the Hall sunglasses have sharp square rims with rounded lenses. Both women’s acetates feature two newly designed color blends, introducing a colorful tortoise, a deep red pattern, and two new crystal gradients.

Erkers 1879 Walnut

A men’s sunglass, Walnut is a classic acetate rectangle with a thick temple design, bringing one new color blend to the collection with the Mocha colorway. This masculine frame strays from their typical palette, featuring the bright Maliblue acetate as well as mirrored lenses on the Matte Black colorway. Watson, a unisex acetate sunglass, was designed with classic elements like a keyhole bridge and decorative rivets on the face of the frame. Like each acetate piece from the collection, each new acetate sunglass was crafted with authentic steel rivets in the temples, custom German hinges, and a metal wire core for added durability.

Erkers 1879 Watson

The Spring collection also introduces three surgical steel sunglasses, Grand, Sidney, and Kingshighway. Grand is an oversized women’s sunglass with round, colored rims and a beveled design along the temples, while the Sidney and Kingshighway sunglasses were both designed with a unisex aviator shape. Sidney, the larger of the two, features a square shape and a hint of color around the slim metal rims. Sidney is also adorned by the same beveled design as Grand, a detail found on many pieces from the Erker’s 1879 collection. A smaller sunglass, Kingshighway has a bit more detail throughout its design, sporting an acetate temple tip, a ribbed texture along the rims, and a crosshatched pattern along the temples.

Erkers 1879 Kingshighway
Erkers 1879 Sidney
Erkers 1879 Grand

As a family-owned brand with a rich history, each piece from the collection is intended to tell a story through the little details of the designs, such as the initials of their founder, Adolph P. Erker, on the temple tips, or their year of inception etched throughout the frames. With 145 years and 5 generations in the city of St. Louis, each piece from their heritage brand takes its name from an area in or around the city.


About Erkers1879

Erkers1879 is an independent, family-owned brand of premium, handcrafted eyewear. Based in St. Louis, the Erkers have been leaders within the optical industry for over 144 years, dedicated to the craft of beautiful, high-quality eyewear for 5 generations. At the start, the Erkers were known for making anything with a lens, and they later narrowed their focus towards eyewear. The company is now run by the 5th generation of Erkers, Jack III and Tony Erker. To see these and the entire Erkers1879 collection, visit their website erkers1879.com.


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