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Discover the sustainable side of sporty fashion with Eco Biobased frames that offer comfort and safety, while also adding a pop of bold colors and mirrored lenses to energize your look.


Eco Eyewear, the pioneering sustainable eyewear brand, recently announced the launch of its latest collection. Eco Active, for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. This exciting new collection takes eyewear to the next level, perfectly combining sporty aesthetics with everyday wearability, all while staying true to its commitment to sustainability.


The Eco Active collection features three optical shapes that effortlessly blend facets and angles, resulting in a sporty yet versatile look that suits any occasion. Whether you’re hitting the gym or attending a casual gathering, these frames will keep you stylish and in sync with your active lifestyle.

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One of the highlights of the Eco Active collection is the use of biobased materials, a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly fashion. By utilizing sustainable materials, Eco is able to reduce its environmental impact while still providing the highest quality eyewear. In addition to the optical shapes, the Eco Active collection also offers four sun shapes designed with your comfort in mind. With their slightly curved temples, these frames ensure a snug fit for all sports and all-day wear. Furthermore, the full injection hinge design not only creates a seamless junction between the temples and frames, but also enhances safety, as there are no sharp metal parts to worry about during sports or outdoor activities.


To enhance your personal styles, the Eco Active collection offers a range of bold colors and mirrored polarized sun lenses. From vibrant tomes to classic neutrals, there is a frame to match every personality and outfit. The mirror sun lenses not only add a touch of flair but also provide optical protection from harmful UV rays and glare.

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About Eco Eyewear

Leading the way in sustainability, Eco was the first sustainable eyewear brand back in 2009. Eco has planted over 3.6 million trees through its One Frame, One Tree program. Eco is proud to be one of the first carbon-neutral brands in the world. Eco Eyewear continues to sponsor beach clean-ups around the world.

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