Stupor Mundi Announce New Luxury Collection

Stupor Mundi Group, one of the world’s luxury eyewear companies, recently announced its first extra luxury sunglasses collection. The brand’s first collection is a celebration of Italian style and opulent materials designed to create timeless collectible frames, through the use of luxury finishes such as 18k and 24k yellow gold plated metal and hand application of enamels and micro-diamonds.

Stupor Mundi

At the center of the brand’s philosophy is the concept of “sustainable luxury”, respecting the ecosystem for a conscious future, without having to give up luxury. This is clear not only from the use of ethical micro-diamonds but also from the frames, which are made with acetates of the highest quality in the world, produced from cotton fibers and wood pulp, using a new formulation that exclusively uses substances obtained from renewable sources.

Stupor Mundi Nova

The concept of sustainable luxury is also found in the exclusive and 100% Made-in-Italy packaging. The microfiber cloth is made with an innovative and completely recycled material, which replaces normal microfibers for cleaning lenses, the glasses bag is handcrafted from fine natural pure silk fiber, while the pouch with zip is finally handmade made in Tuscany in fine 100% natural cotton velvet.

Stupor Mundi Roger

All lenses are equipped with anti-reflective coating and offer full UV protection. The brand is inspired by the kingdom of Sicily Frederick II (“the Stupor Mundi”) and the golden age during the Kingdom of Roger II, in the 12th century the royal jewelers of Palermo reached levels of excellence and luxury both in jewelry and clothing by using gold, precious stones, glazed details on pure silk and fine velvets.

Stupor Mundi Lois

About Stupor Mundi Eyewear

Established at the end of 2023, Stupor Mundi is a Sicilian-based producer of exclusive luxury micro limited edition eyewear, a celebration of the most opulent materials engineered to create stylish collectible frames and timeless pieces. Stupor Mundi respects our ecosystems for a conscious future, a world of high-tech to make zero waste and environmental consciousness possible.

Stupor Mundi Aargon

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