Sun Protection Even When It Rains

It is rainy and cold right now, even in Southern California. I didn’t need my sunglasses today or so I thought, the sun came out for a few seconds and the glare off the wet road was blinding. I quickly put my polarized, Costa Del Mar 580 lenses on. You can’t find a better polarized lens than these and I was no longer driving blind. This is a good example of why sunglasses should not be considered just a summer item. Anyone who knows about sun protection will agree but we don’t always remember that our customers don’t necessarily know that they need year round sun and glare protection. In the winter the sun is low on the horizon, it gets dark early, that’s when you want lenses with good light transmission so having a pair of AR coated, tinted driving glasses is a good idea. I use and recommend having both a pair of dark, polarized sunglasses and a lightly copper tinted pair in the car.

Here is a quick color reference for sunglasses:

Gray Lenses: Offer natural contrast and excellent color perception.

Copper Lenses: Provide a brighter field of vision and enhanced contrast, perfect for driving and cloudy days.

Blue Lenses: Allow exceptional clarity, perfect for bright sun.

Green Lenses: Deliver better visual definition where increased color and sharper contrast are needed.

One of our sponsors, Optylux offer very fashionable and high quality polarized lenses and I just saw the new collection. There is someĀ  exciting new product coming so I am going to be updating my personal sunglass inventory very soon. I am not waiting for summer!