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Charisma, allure, and seductiveness represent intrepid and dynamic sunglass designs. For the wearer, sun specs present the possibility to be bold and audacious – to explore exciting shapes, colors and materials. International eyewear designers have introduced stunning collections for those desiring exceptional quality, safety and style, and a refreshing summer splash of fashion prestige.

This summer, go bold and big with fabulously sculptured sunglass creations from Sol Sol Ito in Switzerland. Exuding confidence and cool, Sol Sol Ito 048 in acetate with metal sides fashionably enhances summer wardrobes with its graceful contours and rich coloration. Designers Monika Kaufmann and Sandra Fink count among their citations the prestigious Red Dot Award.  Recently they also received the InnoSuisse Core Coaching 2021 award for their ingenious READ ON – collapsible glasses that fit easily and comfortably into a slim and sleek phone case. Sol Sol Ito designs are created in Limited Editions with Swiss precision and traditional spectacle values.  Photo: Tsuyoshi Watanabe Tokyo

Sol Sol Ito  photo by Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Sol Sol Ito 048

Lavish glamour, luxury, mystique, and enchantment epitomize frames by Anna-Karin Karlsson. The Swedish designer believes that women should be empowered and free to wear what boosts their well-being and confidence.  The latest interpretation of Anna-Karin’s eye-catching, exquisite design – Rose et la Roue Crystal – is crafted in luminous Emerald Green acetate with 24K gold plated sides. The sleek leopard reclining on the frame front is in plated white gold, and handset zirconia stones. Each Anna-Karin Karlsson design is individually numbered in Limited Editions, and the collection also includes individualistic optical designs, and splendid, elegant jewelry.

Anna-Karin Karlsson Rose et la Roue Crystal
Anna-Karin Karlsson Rose et la Roue Crystal

Place des Vosges is located in the Marais district of Paris. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it was considered fashionably chic to live there – as it does to this day. With his authentic Parisian pedigree, Jeremy Tarian frequently names his frames after favorite sites, streets, and landmark buildings in the City of Light. The superbly silhouetted Place des Vosges is the frame one desires to wear not just while strolling in a city square, but these sunglasses are equally at ease on a sunny beach. Crafted in France, Place des Vosges is shown in gracious sea tones of beautiful blue/green glossy acetate. The frame is also available in six other exceptional colorations. All Tarian designs are created in Limited Editions.

Tarian Eyewear Place des Vosges
Tarian Eyewear Place des Vosges

Captivating and free-spirited symbolizes this iconic French eyewear designer – Emmanuelle Khanh. Her powerful legacy carries on through the innovative creations of Eva Gaumé, and the latest sun specs capture the vivacity, zeal, and enthusiasm of the founder’s attitude to eyewear. EK 7065-112-211 is fabricated in curvaceous, satiny red acetate in a timeless shape. The large-looped coordinating chain ensures safety for your specs.

Emmanuelle Khanh EK 7065-112-211
Emmanuelle Khanh EK 7065-112-211

Fun, durable, and colorful eyewear for children is a Lafont Paris specialty. Children’s vulnerable eyes need sun protection, and Lafont has brightly-hued creations for youngster’s sunglasses – where street style meets kid style expectations with playfulness. A stunning blue tortoiseshell interpretation highlights Aloha with its contemporary acetate shape. The frame is available in additional colors, and size variations for different age groups.

Lafont Aloha children's eyeglass
Lafont Aloha

The renowned Danish Skagen painters are the inspiration for the Nordic Light Signature collection by FLEYE Copenhagen that includes radiant sunglasses. A varied selection of fine materials from light acetates to warm carbon wood and beta-titanium, demonstrate artistic expression – comparing color contrasts and textures.  The avant-garde silhouette in Marie is bold, sleek, and round with a distinct individualistic attitude.

FLEYE Copenhagen  Signature_Marie_2
FLEYE Copenhagen Marie

Pure Titanium is the heart and soul of Blackfin, the Italian brand recognized for its purity of line and stylistic details. The new sun collection for 2021 includes designs for men, women and unisex that are daring, voluminous and exude commanding personality. Walden is a forceful mix of traditional flair with a square front emboldened with sophisticated colorations. This contemporary look is hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and 100/% biocompatible.

Blackfin WALDEN sunglass
Blackfin WALDEN

Whatever one’s sunglass expectations – glamour, colorful, fearlessness, luxuriousness, or opulence -eyewear designers offer tantalizing and sunlit opportunities.

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