Super Optical Launches Profit Calculator for Eyecare Providers

Cincinnati, OH – April 2016 – Vision Expo East launched the formal debut of the all new Optical Profit Center showcasing how to increase profits at your practice through a small lab set-up and dispensing area. Super Optical, one of five contributing companies to the booth, found the best way to show increased profits was to offer an inter-active Profit Calculator tailored to each individual user. This customized experience allows ECP’s to enter their own costs into the calculator and receive an accurate figure of what they can save and earn by adding lens surfacing to their practice.

FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Optical, has been a staple of the optical industry for over 20 years using proven technology that withstands the test of time. As the only in-office lens surfacing system of its kind, FastGrind offers independent practices the ability to make digital progressives and other lens designs in 5 sq. ft. using only tap water and standard electric while saving money on costly lab bills.

By using the Profit Calculator, ECP’s can determine their monthly lens savings, monthly profit from retaining patients, and their potential additional monthly profit just by installing FastGrind. The company states that by adding two digital progressives a day, one clear and one AR, offices can see up to $40,000 in additional profits annually. They also state that the FastGrind system can be paid off in less than one year by using the same model.

Super Optical’s webpage for the Profit Calculator states, “Industry statistics indicate that 45% of profits for an independent practice are derived from the Optical Dispensary. The addition of FastGrind will enhance this profit center by saving thousands of dollars on lab bills, attracting more patients with faster service, allowing for control of finished lens quality, and increased patient satisfaction and referrals.”

For more information on the FastGrind system and to check out the all new profit calculator, visit their webpage,

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