Super Optical’s Presale of FastCoater at Vision Expo West

After collecting input from previous shows, focus groups, and beta tests; Super Optical International is gearing up to offer presales of its newest ECP profit center for in-office production, FastCoater. The new tabletop hard-coating machine was designed and implemented with the independent ECP in mind. FastCoater perfectly complements FastGrind, with many benefits for the optical industry. FastCoater will be available for presale to everyone at Vision Expo West.

FastCoater 1

FastCoater is the first affordable coating machine for independent eyecare shops and labs. FastCoater costs a fraction of its closest competitor, while still focusing on a quality hard coat product. An independent lab test of Total Shield, their hard coat, yielded the highest rating results for both adhesion and thickness of the coating, as well as quality coating coverage.

With a small footprint of only 22”W x 27”H x 22”D, it is the smallest coating machine on the market. FastCoater utilizes the same three stage process seen in the large, market leading hard-coating machines. The first chamber being a pressurized wash and dry, the second being the spin coat application, and the third being the ultraviolet cure. In total the process takes less than three minutes per lens. A signal notifies the user when the current process is finished and the lens is ready to be moved to the next stage for an operator friendly experience.

FastCoater will be the newest member of the FastGrind family, offering independent ECP’s the opportunity to grind and process lenses in the comfort of their office or lab.

FastGrind, made exclusively by Super Optical, has been servicing ECP’s for over 25 years and has found a home in over 50 countries. The “all-in-one” modified lens surfacing system functions on software that is continually upgraded to accommodate the newest and best lenses with ease. FastGrind’s time proven technology is approved by the U.S. Military and EyeMed, while also being voted the 2015 best lens surfacing solution by eye care professionals.

FastCoater will expand FastGrind’s capabilities, maintaining Super Optical’s brand promise to keep independent ECP’s current. This ensures that being part of the Super Optical family means unparalleled profits.

Visit Super Optical at Vision Expo West, Booth #LP11086, to see FastCoater and FastGrind in person and find out how you can get on the presale list. If you can’t make the show, you can also call them at 513-321-2456 for more information or visit

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