Superflex Kids 2020


Fit and function without compromising style: the new Superflex® KIDS collection is here! Round, rectangular and cat eye shapes are combined with great colors and funky temple patterns to create a fun fashion statement for kids of ages 6-12. Glitter elements, laser etching details, and colorful patterned acetates elevate a variety of styles to please the passionate young fashionista. Designed with real kids in mind, all Superflex® KIDS models are constructed with spring hinges for extra durability and comfort.

For the girls, the Superflex® Kids 2020 collection features 6 new styles (2 stainless steel and 4 acetate) that focus on feminine colors, fun patterns and glitter details.

SFK-227 by Super Flex Kids

A modified round shape in colorful, handmade glitter acetate, style SFK-227 is the first universal fit for girls, where fit and style come together without compromise. Matching metal inlay details on the end pieces and temples adds the finishing touch. This style is available in turquoise glitter, purple glitter and red glitter.

Style SFK-228 comes in a modified rectangular shape in two toned colorations. The accent color is finished on the inside and frame edges to give the frame added dimension. The temples feature a paisley pattern etched along them in the accent color. This style is completed in a semi matte finish with color combinations of turquoise rose, purple aqua and pink apricot.

Featuring candied colored translucent acetate on the frame front, style SFK-230 gets its burst of color from the multicolored tie-dyed acetate on the temples. This vibrant style is available in aqua, purple and rose.

SFK-232 by Super Flex Kids

Feminine hues in a water colored patterned, translucent acetate are featured in style SFK-232. A modified square shape, the pattern is featured on the temples and splashes onto the end pieces, where gradually evens out to a single hue towards the middle of the frame front. Available in shades of sky blue, rose mauve and nude poppy.

SFK-234 by Super Flex Kids

A retro inspired classic round shape, in an ultra-thin metal frame breathes new life in bold colors. Style SFK-234 features different finishes on the rims versus the bridge and temples, creating a dual yet tonal effect. Available in colors of purple lilac, aqua silver and rose gold.

Style SFK-235 is a vintage inspired round shape, in handmade translucent acetate. There is a subtle bending of two colors on the frame front for a sophisticated look. Completed with a keyhole bridge, this style comes in gradient tones of grey sky crystal, lilac crystal and pink crystal.



For the boys, the 3 new styles (1 stainless steel, 1 acetate and 1 combo) all have a sporty look and stand out with their vibrant color.

SFK-229 by Super Flex Kids

Style SKF-229 is a retro, rectangular inspired shape completed with a keyhole bridge. This frame is color blocked with the front in a neutral color and temples in a high contrast, bright color. Double retro pin dots on the temples finish the look. Color combinations available are black red, blue orange and khaki lime.

SFK-231 by Super Flex Kids

Stainless steel style SKF-231 is a modified square shape, the front is in a classic masculine color, while the inside and edges are finished in a pop of color. The temples have an abstract pattern etched on them, topped in the accent hue. This style is available in black red, blue orange and grey yellow.

Combination style SFK-233 comes in a rectangle shape, with the frame front in handmade acetate. The matching stainless-steel temples are sculpted and finished with a flashy colored acetate block. Available color variations are black lemon, navy blue and grey red.

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