Susan Boyle Makeover EyeGlasses

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Was speaking to Shirley’s niece (visiting from the UK) last week about Susan Boyle, who has become a hot item in the USA, while back in the UK, so what. Today (Friday), the top story according to Alexa,  was how Susan Boyle got her eyebrows plucked! Actually the story is about how she got a makeover. What a hoopla. No matter what the makeover- she did a terrible job in picking out the eyeglasses

Personally speaking- we all know the most cost effective makeover is new glasses! She didn’t need a whole makeover- she could have just covered up her eyebrows with a snazzy pair of glasses. In honor of Susan Boyle- may she make her dream- our choice of Susan Boyle Eyeglasses!  

Samal Design Eyeglasses

Resource- Samal Design 

From ClearVision Cole Haan Collection-(#916) Slight uplift, attention centered away from nose, coloring good with that clear English skin tones. 

Cole Haan by Clearvision

From Optlux– Flair Custom Collection- Sutle detailing on side- attention centered away from nose- Green is great coloring for auburn and red-heads. 

Flair by Optylux

From Imagewear by Walman- Wildflower Collection -Love the turquoise- coloring will complement and enhance skin tones- no need to wear makeup. Nice uplift. 

Wildflower by Walman
Erkers 1879 Eyewear - The Optical Journal