Techno Eyewear- Glasses to Help You Lose Weight

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I gotta get these- maybe this would solve my chocolate cravings!


Scientific research has found blue to be the least appetizing color. This is the basis behind these blue shaded sunglasses. Supposedly, the person who wears these shades sees an ugly hue of blue that brings about a negative view of eating in general. Perhaps the blue tint subconsciously reminds us of rotting food. The end result (hopefully) is the eating of less food and thus, weight loss.

And since obesity is all set to become the number one killer within the next decade, it was only a matter of time before someone invented a weight loss trick as simple as these Blue Shade Glasses which make your food look so unappealing that you wont even think of eating for a good few hours. Based on the research that blue is the least appetizing color on the spectrum, these shades, in theory at least; make your food look gross, hence killing your appetite. (

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