Techno Eyewear- The Future

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We have been publishing all these really cool sunglasses. I have shown this trendy and techno eyewear friends and family and they love them! Why because they are gadget freaks. It used to be that people talked about just fashion and eyewear. Today, you have more market segments available- ‘Techie Wear’, ‘Green Wear’ and of course ‘Boring Wear’ (just kidding!) So think about spicing up your office and add some innovative products. 

Eye Bogglers

  • Consumer Gadgets were thought to be only for the young and hip 
  • Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — the industry’s big showcase — there was a spotlight on the market for seniors.
  • 78 million boomers in the U.S. that are purchasing gadgets. 
  • led all retail web sites selling personal computers and consumer electronics in terms of the number of unique visitors for the week ended Sept. 7, topping second-place by more than half, Nielsen/Net Ratings reports. EBay garnered 2.3 million visitors, 77% more than BestBuy’s 1.3 million
  • Consumer electronics is changing, and as it changes it creates new opportunities,” says Jan-Luc Blakborn, a director at HP. “We can play there. It’s going to be a big market.
  • Gizmodo Site Stats- receive over 1, Million hits a day. 

Electronics by Numbers 


  • Think about a “Techie Section” in your office- Use effective Signage


  • Increase Talk Factor
  • Open new revenue streams
  • Appeal to the Techie person- an emerging market
  • Provide fun and interactive products that help to keep your patients in your office 
  • Increase second pair sales