Technology And Style With A Social Purpose From Vuliwear

Creepy crawlers are usually a cringe-worthy inspiration, but in the case of Vuliwear®, they are the perfect muse for designer and creator, Dionne Ellison. Vuliwear®, a sunglass brand (launched in 2017) is revolutionizing the sunglass industry with technology, style, and creativity. Their focus is on cool lenses that not only look amazing but also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. True sunglass lovers will also appreciate their twist on the classic aviator frame which fits most face shapes.

Each unique lens design is inspired by the awesome colors and hexagon (compound eye) patterns of an insect’s eye. Vuliwear exposes the hidden beauty and uniqueness of nature that surrounds us every day and cleverly incorporates them into fashion. This exclusive line of non-prescription, unisex designer eyewear is fully made in Italy with high-quality, polarized lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, and detail; while providing total UVA/UVB protection when worn properly. There are currently 8 cool styles for purchase at

VAMP is a funky frame with honeycomb mirror-coated lenses inspired by the Square-headed Wasp. Ironically, Vuliwear recognizes that not all insects are worthy of our admiration. To further make a difference in the world, a portion of sales are donated to the non-profit organization Nothing But Nets (, which sends treated nets to protect families threatened by mosquitoes carrying Malaria.

Vuliwear Vamp

Perhaps, you prefer something a little more subdued, then Vuliwear has just the design for you – CLICK, inspired by the Click Beetle. The idea is to keep it simple, yet still sleek and stylish. Same chic aviator frame in simple black and non-mirror coated lens, rather than the mirrored lens seen in their other popular designs.

Vuliwear Click

Vuliwear is hoping to change our habit of only grabbing the shades on a sunny day and typically leaving them behind when it’s cloudy. Vuli-shades should be an every-day-carry as well as a fashion statement that fits your personal style. Vuliwear is “functional fashion” that’s quality, cool and essential for good eye health.


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