Teklite- Eco Friendly Lenses From Frames Direct

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These lenses are from Frames Direct- ‘The Teklite production process reclaims more than 90% of the plastic left over from the initial injection molding stage of lens making for secondary uses such as automobile and toy manufacturing.’

The appeal: The Eco Friendly Consumer which is over 50% of the marketplace today.

The reason why I put this video up is because Frames Direct is ‘on it’ and effectively using technology (youtube) and consumer trends (eco friendly) to grow their business. I consider Framesdirect.com one of the top internet sellers of eyewear, thus being a strong competition to the brick and mortar optical professional.

What they do, and you can do the exact same thing:

  1. They have a ‘talk to an eyewear professional’ on the phone. For consumers who aren’t quite sure on what to purchase and want to speak to a live person.
  2. Twitter Give-away- they are always promoting give-aways and promoting people to follow them on Twitter. (806 Followers)
  3. They are on Facebook (441 Fans)
  4. Promote Gift Cards
  5. They have a Blog- which consistently shows up on the top page of google. I like their blog as well, it’s fun and informative.
  6. They are all over YouTube (see above story) Not only do they go on YouTube themselves, they also feature their vendors YouTubes on the blog. I can’t tell you how easy this is to upload on a blog or website. (copy and paste)
  7. If you examine their website and blog, Twitter and Facebook, they engage the consumer with talk to me, Dr. Cooper’s favorites, eyewear discussions, giveaways and on line chats, now they are offering gift cards to submit songs.
  8. Virtual Frame Try On Software program.

Bottom line- take a look at Framesdirect.com, see what they do and consider how to incorporate some of their use of technology and consumer appeal into your marketing plans now and in the future.

TC Charton Giselle - The Optical Journal