The 7 P’s Of Marketing For Eyecare Professionals

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We ran across this old post from 2010 and it serves to remind us, that despite all the new technology, despite social media, the same 7P’s are still as good today as they were 200 years ago.

The 7Ps: People, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging and Positioning are the fundamental elements for successful marketing. The dynamics of these seven elements are constantly changing in marketing eye-care practices. Hence, in order to sustain optimal results for marketing efforts, eye-care practices must continually evaluate evolving market trends and adopt new strategies.


Providing eye care is fundamentally a people business. Patients evaluate their satisfaction level not only based on the quality of treatments and products, but also on perceptions, communication, and personal interactions with the eye-care provider. However, in the fast-paced environment of eye-care practices, it is not easy to maintain the level of communication and interaction desired by both patients and practitioners.


In today’s competitive eye-care market, it is imperative to present the correct products and services with values that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the customer. With countless options on the market, how can you inform your patients about the right ones?


In any given market, price is a function of value, competition and affordability. Leaving room for flexible pricing is essential for a successful marketing strategy. In the eye-care industry, effective marketing of elective and cosmetic procedures and products is crucial to boosting the revenue of a practice. Customers are especially responsive to price adjustments on these procedures and products but often lack a systematic way to receive the information.


Promotional strategies are imperative in effectively presenting the benefits of products and services and answering to the needs and expectations of customers. In the eye-care industry, patients have higher and more specific expectations than average retail customers. They pay attention to factors such as training and experiences of the eye-care practitioner, latest treatment technologies and newest eye-care products.


The location of promotion must be relevant and accessible to the target customers. A change in where promotion takes place can have a profound impact on the customer’s decision to purchase.  When it comes to promoting your eye-care practice and the services and products that it offers, there is no better place to do it than at the practice itself, where patients consider their eye-care options and make purchasing decisions.


Thoughtfully designed packaging captures customers’ attention and sets you apart from competitors.  In the eye-care industry, packaging is how patients perceive your practice and the products and services that it offers as they walk through your doors. With EyeStar TV, you can get rid of clutters of old magazines and brochures and impress your patients at first sight with the newest and the best in marketing techniques. EyeStarTV allows you to convey more relevant information to your patients while creating an efficient, progressive image for your practice.


Positioning is a question of how to establish a name in the minds of existing and potential customers. In other words, why should the customer choose you? Customers from different backgrounds, age groups, and income levels have different needs and desires. As a result, they respond differently to various marketing strategies. Through customized video programs,

Final Thoughts

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market, you need to be innovative and effective in marketing your practice. Ask these questions as you develop your marketing strategies: Who is the audience? What messages are to be conveyed?  What kind of impression is to be made? And finally, what is the ultimate goal of these strategies?

Submitted by Paul Salsberg of EyeStar TV ; eyeStarTV is a comprehensive digital turnkey signage system developed by eye-care practitioners, skilled IT experts, and marketing professionals with over 15 years of experience.

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