The Business of Optical Patients

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Are you in the business of patients or eye exams? I came across this list and adapted it for the optical professional. In the day to day business of life, we can all tend to forget about our optical patients as customers. Little things, like not answering the phone in 2 rings, not acknowledging the customer when they walk in the door, and the most irritating is being on a personal phone call and the optical patient/customer is waiting. That just happened to me the other day and quite honestly I walked out. Too many other places to go and purchase what I need, than to wait for this kid to stop talking to her friend on the cell phone.

Use this list and take a hard look at yourself and the office and make adjustments if you need to.

The Business of Optical Patients



Don’t Know

Is the Patient the central figure in our mission

Is Cultivating Patient Loyalty viewed as a powerful tool for profitability and growth?

Is Patient Information readily accessible?

Are patient support systems adequate physically? (phone, chairs, Voice mail?)

Does each member of our team understand superior customer service?

Is training a dispensable item or a long term strategy for success?

Do we know what factors cause our patients to come back?

Do we track and measure our performance?