The Cool Brow From Theo

Theo’s Mille+70 features some old school cool with 21st-century modern design to update these wonderful looks from the 50’s and 60’s. These browline glasses tend to mimic the way eyebrows frame the face. The story goes that the bold upper part, as opposed to the thin bottom part, gave the wearer the distinct, stiff “frowny face” that research has determined makes men look more dominant and, as a result, more socially desirable.

Malcom X was always before his time.

Photo was taken as work for hire by Marion S. Trikosko for U.S. News & World Report Magazine Collection, who has donated it into the public domain.

Strong browline glasses create that ideal fusion of retro nostalgia and modern feel that is perfect for any style or occasion. They are among the most iconic retro designs ever created, but it wouldn’t be theo if they didn’t give it their own personal twist and shake.
So no frown with theo. Just creative color that lights up your face. The base frame and the brow are both titanium and are screwed together to create the iconic shape. The frames come in a range of ‘ton-sur-ton’ or contrasting colors to fit your mood or the occasion.

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