The Cost of Poor Websites

As we go into 2018, one area eyecare professionals to consider is re-looking at their website. I am on an average of 20 optical websites a day and the majority of them are so horrendous. (Our is too.. which is why we getting a new look for 2018.) The day is gone where you slap up a website and leave for the next 5 years…. you have to review the site every year. Not just the appearance.. the content as well.

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Alan Cleinman made statement 4 years ago that holds true today. ‘A website without an overall brand strategy is like a refraction without an eye-health exam. It’s just a part of an overall process and one without the other is not only less effective, but can actually be dangerous. The vast majority of optometrists are simply NOT marketing experts. Focus on what you know and surround yourself with experts for what you don’t know. You’ll be far, far more successful as a result.

Old and Outdated Sites may have negative connotations such as:

  • Apathy
  • You are going out of business
  • Security Issues – If your site is old, does it mean you have not kept up with cyber crime issues? Am I safe on this site.
  • Outdated techniques or products

Daniel Feldman agrees and said: You cannot be THE expert in everything you do. I’m a pretty smart fellow. I aced every law class I took from both my bachelors and masters degree programs.

I would not for a second profess however to be a legal expert or act as my own attorney.  Nor would I profess being an expert accountant or real estate broker.

Just as a patient/customer can buy a pair of eyeglasses for $49 or a pair for $490, there are differences in the quality, construction, durability, and design that might not be blatantly obvious to the naked eye, yet when discussed one on one and compared become obvious and make the more expensive worth every dollar.

You can take the time to build your own website, sure. I would ask, what do you pay yourself per hour? Is this the best use of your valuable time? You can also hire your next door neighbor’s nephew to build your site for a couple of hundred dollars too. He probably knows enough HTML to do ok with it. He probably also owns a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Why not hire him to change your brakes before a family vacation to save a few bucks too?

Your website is your 24/7 ambassador to your practice. It sets the tone for what people are to expect from your business. The fact is,84% of American adults are using the internet over 80% of people research a business online before ever stepping foot in the door and 50% visit the store the same day.  Your saving a few hundred dollars today could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars over the next year.

The fact is, in 2018, your website is probably your most important marketing tool in getting your name and practice out there. Are you willing to treat it as a throwaway commodity or as a tool for making yourself and your practice successful? There are many more parts to a watch than the pretty face you see when you look to tell time, most of them are invisible to you. The same can be said of your website.

We all like to save money. However, let’s not call the steak at Denny’s or Red Robin comparable to the steak at Ruth Chris or Del Frisco’s. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. While our websites are not the cheapest around, we are a fraction of the cost the BIG web development companies charge. Yes, you can go cheaper. So too can your patients. There will always be someone who can do something cheaper than you. The question is, are they anywhere near as good as you or for you?

Eye Bogglers

  • Conversion rates are highest if the page fully loads within two seconds. For each additional second it takes, you can expect a 7% drop in conversion rates.
  •  38% will disengage from a site if they find it unattractive or don’t like the layout. (Adobe)

The reality is do not step over a dime to pick up a penny. Updating and redoing website is not fun for most people, but for eyecare professionals it is very, very important to review, evaluated and update your site every year.


Cost of Bad Website Design






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