The Essential Style Of HAPTER – New Models Of The Prime Line

HAPTER Prime Line 2021

Optical frames that are aesthetically refined and technically sophisticated, delivering a pure and minimal interpretation of the eyewear concept. On these values, HAPTER has laid the foundations of its identity, and these are the values that inspired Prime Line, the line of frames from which it all began; a collection represented by glasses with essential lines, an expression of elegance of technique and material.

Prime Line models represent the right balance between industrial design and craftsmanship, united in the concept of fusion: patented production techniques combine different and original materials, such as rubber and surgical steel, following a process that is respectful of the materials themselves. A fusion of style enhanced by an innovative element, the patented 8-GON hinge, with a particular geometric shape – between an octagon and a square – which, when attached to metal teeth on the temple, it’s embraced and locked by it.

The front of the Prime Line frames moves sinuously from rounded shapes to other more squared and angular shapes, all underlined by the color range of carbon black, vintage gray, clay blue, lichen green.


HAPTER Prime Line 2021

The glasses feature the exclusive semi-curly end-tips inspired by retro sports eyewear: aesthetically characterized by the partially curled terminal wire that ends the temple, they are fully adjustable and offer an unparalleled level of hold of the glasses on the face, at the same time achieving a high level of comfort thanks to the special silicone temple-tips.

HAPTER Prime Line 2021

Like every HAPTER creation, Prime Line was born in Hapterìa, the brand’s new atelier where the frames are the result of the work of the post-industrial craftsman, a new figure who works alongside the designer with the aim of creating unique pieces together, the result of a process that blends precision technology and micro-craftsmanship, and which makes each creation extremely precious and exclusive

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