The Good Quarantine – Nina Mûr

The Good Quarantine (TGQ) is the result of the wonderful experiment carried out during the confinement in April 2020 due to Covid19. It emerged as a collaborative collection with opticians from around the world who value design and quality.

“Our way of producing and our sustainable approach, without stock or mass productions, allows us to design and produce a single piece”, said Nina Mur founder, Davide Fichera. “We take advantage of this advantage and our desire to stay connected and collaborate on those strange days to launch The Good Quarantine. “

An ode to optimism and togetherness. It was a real opportunity to collaborate, to share, to join forces and learn from each other, and create something in a totally new way.

The decision of the 5 final designs was made by voting by professionals in the sector, from reference opticians to specialized press or agents. Each and every participant of “The Good Quarantine” shares our love for the profession, our passion for design, independent brands, authenticity, and creativity. See the entire Nina Mûr Good Quarantine line on their website

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024