The Great Online Eyewear Debate: Chapter 7: Giving Back

Shauns Shades

A strong trend in online companies that you can compete with is the Give Back model. If Warby Parker did not have this model, they would not have made a splash in the optical industry. When you look at their pricing, at their styles, there is nothing unique. What made the splash and increased the talk factor was the one for one give  model.

Due to that fact, they got a lot of press and press breeds more press.  Along with that fact every other ‘new ‘online eyewear company that cropped up, have a social good program of some sort.

Two years ago, this list of eyewear companies was very short. If I spent a couple of hours, on this I would double the list of eyewear companies giving back. What is great, that there is a growing list of companies that you can buy from to help you compete against online competition.

I have listed both online (retail) and wholesale companies that have a sustainable eyewear model.

  1. Social Good Malls, Toms Glasses and Amazon have carved out a niche for those who offer products that give back
  2. 141 Eyewear (Wholesale) One for one  program
  3. 4Sight Sunglasses:  (Retail) offer a one for one eyewear program
  4. Adlens – (Wholesale and Retail) One for One program with John Lennon Eyewear
  5. Anni Shades (Wholesale and Retail): Plants a Tree for every frame sold.
  6. Benji Frank Eyewear: One for one business model
  7. Blenders Eyewear– Helps build scholarships.
  8. Blue Planet Eyewear ; One for One Eyewear Program
  9. Classic Specs (Brooklyn, NY) Try- on Technology and Getting eyeglasses to those who can afford it is easy. Helping those that can’t is the real challenge. We’re working together with New Eyes for the Needy to help solve this widespread problem one pair of eyeglasses at a time. For every purchase made, we’ll donate 6% of the total purchase price to New Eyes for the Needy.

    Augen Optics, Vigeo Eyewear for Kids in Mexico
  10. Coastal Contacts- Donate glasses to thousands of people in need (although they do do that). They also supply Vitamin A tablets to kids under that age of 5 to ensure at-need areas have the vitamins they need for healthy eyes, as well as donate UV-protected sunglasses to areas of the world where the environment is especially harsh on eyes.
  11. Collins Bridge ( (Try on Technology) –  Collins Bridge will send you up to five pairs of your choice for five days of free sampling (this doesn’t include sunglasses, but specs use the same frames). When returning your trial glasses, throw in an old pair for donation to South American families through partner charity Vision Health International ( Shipping is free, and returns are accepted for a full refund within 30 days.
  12.  Contego – (Brooklyn, NY) Wholesale and Retail: Works with Restoring Vision.
  13. Desiar Eyewear (USA) Gives back to Thirst
  14. Drift Eyewear – (Wholesale) 1% for the Planet
  15. Edgar Bruce (UK) Offer a One for One Eyewear Program
  16. ECO by Modo– (Wholesale) Plants a Tree
  17. Eyes of Faith- (Wholesale) Purpose Driven Eyewear Company
  18. EyeFly (USA) Offer a one for one eyewear program
  19. Eyemusement – (Wholesale and Retail)  Virtual Try On Technolgoy. For every pair of eyeglasses purchased, Eyemusement donates two dollars to Doctors Without Borders. Each donation provides two people with immunizations against rampant and fatal epidemics..
  20. EyeSpex- one for one eyewear program
  21. Eyewear Pros- Donate $5.00 for each pair of designer glasses to New Eyes For The Needy /
  22. Fetch Eyewear (formerly Amy Sacks) Animal Rescue.
  23. Flutter  Eyewear: Gives back to dogs
  24. Frankie Dean (Australia)  Site for Schools
  25. Gayeyeglasses. (San Francisco) 12/2013 Donate proceeds to charities that provide vision vision.
  26. Giving Tree Eyewear We’ve teamed up with Laugh For sight to fund research for macular degeneration, a disease that causes blindness
  27. Grown Eyewear: (Australia) Being first inspired by the selfless acts of FRED HOLLOWS, we began to create a socially responsible business model that would allow us to do what we love while redistributing profits towards funding meaningful and life-changing efforts. We decided to support the ‘Gift of Sight’ programs which are run by both the FRED HOLLOWS FOUNDATION (Australia) and SEVA CANADA
  28. Haber Vision (USA) Provides a variety of charities to donate to.
  29. Hout Eyewear (South Africa) Will Plant a Tree for every frame sold.
  30. Indivijual Eyewear (USA) Custom Eyewear that donates a pair for every pair sold. *-+
  31. Jimmy Fairly (French) One for one give back program.
  32. Jonas Paul- Jonas Paul the brand, offering stylish, vintage-inspired eyewear for children. “I remember the anxiety of walking into the classroom with these new things on your face,Ten percent of proceeds from each $79 pair is donated to CBM International, which provides glasses or corrective surgery to those in need.
  33. Linkskin (Wholesale) 1% For the Planet
  34.  Medicine Werx:  Donate a tree for every frame sold
  35. Mezzmer– Donate to a charity of choice. No try on technology
  36. Modern Optical International: (Wholesale), offers a one for one give back program
  37. Modo– (Wholesale) one for one eyewear program
  38. Moral Eyes (New Eyes For The Needy)
  39. Naked Specs (Australia) 5 for 1 program with try on technology
  40. Panda Eyewear: partner with the TOMA Foundation an organization that aids communities in Columbia, Argentina and India.
  41. Paws N Claws– (Retail and wholesale) through California Accessories and Windsor: Gives Back to Animal Shelters
  42. Penn Avenue Eyewear– (Wholesale and Retail) one for one eyewear program
  43. Proof Eyewear: Wholesale and Retail Offer a One for One Eyewear Program
  44. Readers: Buy a Reader and Give a Reader
  45. Rejwan Eyewear: (Tarzana, CA) – Established in 2012. With a clear vision in mind, Dr. Sol Regwan knew exactly what challenges he was up against . As an experienced Optometrist for 12 years, he has the unique ability to create frames that flatter and accentuate different face shapes…he aspired to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc.
  46. Shauns Shades: (Wholesale) one for one eyewear  program
  47. Shwood (Wholesale and Retail) Plants Trees
  48. collaboration with Trees For the Future, they are planting a tree for every eyeglass sold.
  49. Sires Eyewear (CA) Will plant a tree for every frame sold.
  50. Solo Eyewear; one for one program
  51. Sun God: Partnering with  SightSavers to give back
  52. Timber (CA)  collaboration with Trees For the Future, they are planting a tree for every eyeglass sold.
  53. Tommy Owens Eyewear – Tommy Owens’ management and employees will volunteer hard earned time and energy into the Tommy Owens Project. The project’s mission is to spread the importance of music & arts in schools while mentoring underserved grade-level students through internships & mentoring programs.
  54. Toms Glasses (Wholesale and Retail) (1 for 1 program) Try on Technology, they also sell to retailers.
  55. Tortoise and Blond-  Father-son Evan and Dr. Stephen Weisfeld- Try on Technology to test frames online..  have up to five pairs sent to your home for a ten-day trial. The company will temporarily hold $150 on your credit card and ultimately charge you $1, which goes to Eye Care 4 Kids (
  56. Von Zipper: (CA) (Wholesale and Retail): Gives back to Physicians For Peace.
  57. Warby Parker. One for one program
  58. Wave Born Shades: partnered with two amazing organizations, Unite for Sight and SEE International, to help give sight to those in need.
  59. Waybu- They have ‘ partnered with the inventor of the Aquapak (which is a solar water pasteurizer) to help give more of the life saving devices to families in Haiti.
  60. Westwood Leaning: (Wholesale and Retail) Supports human achievement
  61. Wooed Eyewear (San Francisco) onate part of our profit to reforestation projects -ensuring sustainability of the forest ecosystem.
  62. Woodzee: Plants a Tree for every frame sold
  63. Woodluck Eyewear; Plants a Tree for every frame sold
  64. Zeal Optics  (Wholesale)

I am not negating other optical companies that have a Eyecare corporate sustainability program. There are many who Give Back to Breast Cancer (ClearVision, WileyX, Hilco, Vera Bradley Eyewear, Altair) Other to give back to Marine Conservation (Costa, Spy) Others that give back to varieties charities: Essilor, FGX (Essilor) Hoya, Luxottica, Marchon, Safilo, Sama Eyewear, Santinelli, Transitions Optical, Velvet Eyewear, Vision Ease Lens, Walman Optical. Others such as Augen Optics supports eyeglasses for kids in Mexico.

Designers can also showcase a capsule collection such as Armani, Stella McCartney and Tommy Hifiger that give back at various times with a specific collection.

Others such as Kaenon, Dragon Alliance,  Oakley, Revo and have various charities they work with.

The point of this post, this is a growing trend and we will be posting on this coming up in another post on how Brick and Mortar Eyewear Professionals are presenting their Give Back programs on their website.
















Toms Glasses one for one eyewear program


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