The History of Windshield Wiper Eyewear

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Due to a post we did on Windshield Wiper Eyeglasses, we have had several people ask us where to get Windshield Wiper Eyeglasses.

Elton John windshield wiper eyeglasses

If you are in Las Vegas, you can visit the Hard Rock Cafe to view Elton Johns’s famous Windshield Wiper Eyeglasses.

The first patent for windshield wipers was issued in 1803 by Mary Anderson, but the first automatic windshield wipers were invented in1921. Called “Folberths,” after their inventors, Fred and Willaim Folberth, they were powered by an “air engine,” a device connected by a tube to the inlet pipe of the car’s motor.

But Elton John was not the inventor or the first user of Wiper Eyewear

Life Magazine
I believe these are French around the 1950′.

We know Wiper Sunglasses are available because there are quite a few videos like this:

wiper glasses

Christina Is Yo Momma | Myspace Video

They may come up on ebay – but you can alway make your own
An eyeglass windshield wiper was invented by student Jackson DelPorto for the Angier School “Invention Invasion” program.

Shades of Fun used to carry these back in 2004

Posted in 2004; An On/Off switch on the side turns on both the wipers and the headlights at the same time. While the wipers glide smoothly across the heart shape lenses, the headlights beam a bright orange light to help you see through the darkest rainstorm.
I tried to find these and couldn’t. Fake Wiper Eyewear.

Another YouTube Video on Homemade Windshield Wiper Sunglasses

But the person who really made these famous was of course Elton John

There are several patents For Eyeglasses with Wipers

  • Eyeglass wipers Patent # 4789233
  • Eyeglass wiper  Patent # 2888703
  • Shades with blades” Eyewear with attached wiping apparatus United States Patent 7364289 LINK
  • “Glasses wiper structure” United States Patent 6339860 LINK
  • “Attachable eyeglass wipers” United States Patent 6640379 Link

Bottom line, I don’t know who invented them. At one time (2004) they were available on the market. The best place to find a pair is probably ebay or other auction sites.


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