THE NO. 2 – CUSTOM FIT EYEWEAR Launches to End One-Size Fits All Eyewear

One-size-fits-all eyewear truly fits none. From frames that slide down noses to pinching and pain behind the ears, traditional eyewear brands might look good for a minute, but their comfort doesn’t last. THE NO. 2 – CUSTOM-FIT EYEWEAR launches on Kickstarter today to bring a tailored experience to eyewear and end the one-size-fits-none bullsh*t.

THE NO. 2 – CUSTOM-FIT EYEWEAR offers a solution to the most irritating problems facing eyeglasses wearers by offering customization and choice. These feather-light sunglasses are nearly indestructible and will comfortably fit any face shape and size.

“I spent so much time and money searching for frames that were comfortable and looked good, but couldn’t find any,” said Swin Huang, creator of THE NO. 2. “I created THE NO 2. because I was sick of the BS and knew customers deserved a tailored experience to eyewear.”

Every frame is made of.5mm Japanese medical-grade stainless steel. It’s flexible, durable, and won’t break unless there’s special effort involved. At less than .7oz in weight, they’re substantially lighter than traditional frames. No more weighted pressure on the ears and nose. Its patent-pending design eliminates screws, barrel hinges, and welding joints, resulting in a sleek, fashionable, and durable frame.

To customize their eyewear, customers can choose from four frame shapes: oval, round, square and aviator in standard and large size options. Temple lengths are offered in short (135mm) and long (145mm) options. A saw-shaped temple tip design makes it easy to achieve the perfect curve around the ear for optimal comfort. Nose pads are offered in two thickness levels to accommodate taller and shorter nose bridges so glasses stay comfortably in place.

Every pair of THE NO. 2 – CUSTOM-FIT EYEWEAR features shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses with an anti-glare coating. Offering 100% UV protection, these lenses will help reduce eye strain and protect eyes from harmful UV rays. A modular design ensures sustainability, too. Every part of the glasses is 100% recycled and is recyclable at the end of its life.

THE NO. 2 – CUSTOM-FIT EYEWEAR is available to pre-order in black, gold, silver, or an upgraded mix-and-match style by visiting

About THE NO. 2
People who wear glasses understand the struggle. Selecting frames for comfort and fit often means a sacrifice in personal style. THE NO. 2 was created to end that sacrifice and afford customers a custom-fit experience without the astronomical price tag. For more information, visit

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  1. The article states: ‘At less than 7oz in weight, they’re substantially lighter than traditional frames”… seven ounces is almost half a pound. The author must have meant grams.

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