The Optical Metaverse Unveils Collaborators & Features

Design Eyewear Group - The Optical Metaverse 2023

The Optical Metaverse (TOM) has announced that Design Eyewear Group will join Kazokou Lunettes, Vontelle, David Green, Davettes Lunettes, and Casanova in the Omniverse City exhibit hall for The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show and Showcase happening July 7-9.

Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in the first-ever TOM Shopper Kit which will include a free virtual try-on and a free trial of Frames Library and OrganEyes for a seamless shopping experience. Meanwhile, attendees will now also have the option of attending IRL, a virtual reality studio event that will feature the latest in VR and AI technology to an in-person audience.

The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show and Showcase have already attracted a diverse audience which includes eye care providers, tech enthusiasts, and brands. The event will be composed of five tracks that cover vision, technology like VR, AI and AR, fashion, and integration. Attendees who are local to New Jersey, or who are able to travel, have the option to join a first-of-its-kind live VR studio experience where imagination is brought to life with the help of VR and AI technologies.

As an optical-oriented event, The Optical Metaverse offers a variety of amazing frame brands and continues to expand its diverse array of industry partnerships. Recently, TOM has also teamed up with Design Eyewear Group, a leading manufacturer in the eyewear industry that provides the foundation for the exceptional collections of Prodesign, Woow, and Face A Face. Prodesign, a Danish eyewear brand known for its minimalistic and contemporary designs offers users a sophisticated selection of frames that effortlessly combine form and function. Woow and Face A Face, two Parisian eyewear brands, bring their unique flair and artistic designs to the Optical Metaverse. Woow captures the essence of urban style with its bold and colorful frames, while Face A Face embodies elegance and avant-garde creativity, creating eyewear that becomes a work of art. Both brands infuse their collections with a touch of Parisian chic, allowing users to express their individuality through their eyewear choices.

TOM’s earlier partners will also be featured including Kazokou Lunettes, Vontelle, David Green, Davette’s Lunettes, and Casanova. Kazoukou Lunettes is a prestigious brand renowned for its craftsmanship of classic and timeless pieces. Vontelle is dedicated to creating eyewear that fits a variety of face shapes, their diverse, colorful frames inspired by patterns from the African diaspora. David Green is a South Africa-based brand that imbues each frame with a little bit of nature. Davette’s Lunettes features customized, designer eyewear that blends French flare with an attention to detail. Casanova eyewear offers a combination of colorful art, advanced technology, a heartfelt passion, and meticulous hand craftsmanship that can only be found in Italy. Hue Lens and the Breathe Convention have also

Attendees of The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show and Showcase will have the opportunity to take advantage of the first-ever TOM Shoppers Kit. The kit will feature a free virtual try-on for any frame that is currently in Frame’s Library, a digital collection of eyewear from brands all over the world for 90 days. The kit will also feature a 90-day free trial of Organise, a revolutionary shopping platform that allows users to request a quote, or buy outright directly from the exhibitor. Kits are available on a first-come-first-serve basis; attendees who would like a kit must contact the event organizers, The Omniverse City team at prior to the start of the show.

Registration for The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show and Showcase is still available by clicking here.

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