The Power of Matching Mindsets

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As an optician, one of the key aspects of our job is to be able to effectively communicate with our patients. Each patient will have a unique mindset, which may vary from childlike innocence to adult-like assertiveness. Understanding and adapting to these mindsets can greatly impact the resolution we achieve during consultations. In this column, we will explore the importance of matching the energy of our patients to foster successful outcomes.

The Childlike Mindset:

When a patient arrives with a childlike mindset, it is crucial for us to meet them at their level. Children often have a sense of curiosity, innocence, and vulnerability. In such cases, overpowering them with a parental mindset may hinder our ability to find a resolution. Instead, embracing their energy by showing patience, empathy, and understanding can create a comfortable environment for them to express their concerns.

It is important to remember that a childlike mindset does not imply incompetence or lack of understanding. Rather, it signifies a need for reassurance and guidance. By adopting a similar mindset, we can build trust and allow our patients a sense of security, enabling us to address their needs effectively.

The Adult-like Mindset:

On the other hand, some patients may approach consultations with an adultlike mindset, displaying confidence and assertiveness. In such cases, it is crucial for opticians to match their energy and maintain a sense of competence. Patients with an adultlike mindset often expect clear and concise explanations, along with a confident demeanor.

If an optician appears unsure or fumbles with words, it may lead to a breakdown in communication and hinder the possibility of finding a resolution. Confidence, coupled with a professional approach, allows for a smoother interaction and helps establish a sense of trust.

Balancing Act:

As opticians, we need to strike a delicate balance in our approach. The ability to adapt our mindset to match that of our patients showcases our commitment to providing personalized care. By being attuned to their needs, we can create an environment conducive to effective communication and problem-solving.

It is essential to recognize that matching mindsets does not mean compromising our professional expertise or authority. Rather, it is a way to establish a connection, build rapport, and ensure that patients feel heard and understood.

In the realm of optician-patient interactions, successfully resolving issues hinges upon our ability to adapt to different mindsets. Whether faced with a childlike or adult-like mindset, it is crucial to match the energy and approach of our patients in order to give them the best quality of care.

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  1. This is such an amazing article! Jordan is a super hard worker and super talented. So glad to see her have her own article !

  2. I can really appreciate the viewpoint of this article. Great read! Thank you, Jordan. I hope to read more from you.

  3. This is a wonderful written article! Wonderful read! It really helped shine a light onto how I can approach patients myself, and how I can best assist them. Thank you Jordan.

  4. Very Nice, Jordan! Although there are times where the professional’s energy and approach should be in contrast to the client when we’re seeking to reduce the level of chaos- in child or adult!

    • I agree, in certain situations our energy will and should contrast. We just have to be able to discern when doing so will help defuse a situation and not add to the conflict. Thank you for your response!

  5. Well said Jordan! Mimicking our patients’ mindset can help us communicate with them more effectively. It helps them feel they are being heard. Great article to remind us of this in our daily routines.

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