The Road to Recycling

Moving forward, Scojo New York vows to invest further in the future of our planet, encompassing these beliefs and goals in the choices they make. Only through this type of proactive behavior will we see a difference worth working toward. Through the combination of recycled acetates, the Ebony Court is born. This new frame comes with a promise, a company-wide effort toward further sustainability.

Ebony Court by Soji New York

A step toward a more forward and sustainable practice, the Ebony Court takes recycled materials and breathes new life into a fresh design. Bold and robust in build, thickly shaped acetate comes together for a strikingly deep color and form. With classic, finely placed detail, the Ebony Court is a seamless transition into a brighter, ecofriendly future in fashion.

Ebony Court by Scoji New York

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