The Simple Things- Random Acts of Thanks

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Many years ago, I was in Market Development for Neostyle Eyewear. Knowing that ‘thanking a person’ was the number one way of increasing positive relationships with our customers- we started a RAT Program (Random Acts of Thanks) to our customers. My budget was $50.00 a month. 

Every month (for less than $50.00) we selected 10-20 customers and sent a handwritten Thank- You note signed by every staff member at Neostyle. The results were remarkable. The note was simple, easy to do and basically said, ‘we know you have a choice and we at Neostyle thank you for your business this month, we appreciate your support’ 

Sincerely …………………. (staff signatures) 

Other Things we did: 

  •  Girl Scout Cookie mailing, buying cookies from employee kids, and resent out to customers. (That was a wonderful success!) 
  • We sent out Chocolate Coins with a ‘Thanks a Million’ 
  • Sent out PD Rulers- ‘ We cannot Measure How Important You Are to Us’

Something to think about- How often do you thank your patients for coming in, for purchasing from you and even more so for coming back? 

This is a very easy thing to do and can take little or no time. Assign 1 person per month to be put in charge of Thank You cards. selecting patients and getting signatures, tracking and mailing.  

Don’t know how to write a letter? Check out Free Thank You Note Samples for some easy ideas.