The State Of Summer 2020

The latest STATE release of four optical styles explores earth tones, texture, and balance. This collection offers a range of shapes to appeal to a wide customer base.

As complementary colors co-exist in nature, either in harmony or contrast, this new collection creates a rich landscape, playing with the interaction of tones between the lenses, fronts, temples, and even temple tips. Summer 2020 brings new colorways and styles that feature striking contrast temples – from the bold plum/guava combination of Southport to the subtle tobacco leaf/spruce of Canal. Even STATE’s signature drilled pyramid temple tip gets an update in contrast colors that emphasize the incredibly detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating the architectural temple tip. (Two craftsmen are employed to work full-time on this temple tip.)

State Canal
State Kildare

STATE Optical Co. craftsmen continue to challenge themselves and up their game with STATE’s Summer 2020 Collection. The Summer 2020 collection explores new tooling that highlights the designs of Nico Roseillier as well as further elevates the quality STATE is known for. The way endpieces are rounded, seamlessly transitioning from the front to the temple, and the metal detail on the temple are all moments that offer a window into the personal connection STATE’s Chicago-based craftsmen and women have with every product release.

State Vernon
State Southport

This season’s release offers a diverse selection of styles, with a size range of 49 up to 56 to provide styles to fit many faces. Along with these new styles, we are also unveiling our new case and packaging, designed to fit both sun and optical styles. The design carries the STATE story of American craft through dispensing with a cleaning cloth featuring the Chicago skyline.


STATE Optical Co. frames are meticulously handcrafted in Chicago, U.S.A. for people who consider how their frame is made with as much mindfulness as how it looks. The brand was born from a collaboration of industry insiders Scott Shapiro and Jerry Wolowicz – who were focused on bringing radical transparency to how eyewear is designed and manufactured – and renegade, self-taught craftsmen Marc Franchi and Jason Stanley. Today STATE Optical Co. represents a first-of-its-kind brand of American made luxury eyewear.