The STL Flag Collection From Erkers1879

STL Flag by Erkers1879

Inspired by their origins,  Erkers1879 announced the STL Flag Collection as the newest addition to their heritage brand. With five generations and over 142 years in St. Louis, their roots with the city have been at the forefront of the Erkers brand and all that it has become.

Honoring the city that started it all, each frame in their new collection is named after one of the many cities of St. Louis. If you take a close look at the temple tips, you’ll find that each frame features an engraving of the St. Louis flag.

Erkers 1879 glad details

Like previous collections, the frames of STL Flag will stand the test of time. Reinforced by a stainless-steel wire core and authentic rivets, the handcrafted frames maintain a lightweight, refined look while bringing added durability and comfort to the table. Through a 48-step, detail-oriented manufacturing process, each frame is designed with the user in mind.

The St. Louis flag represents the joining of the Mississippi and the Missouri River, which contributed to the growth of the city and the brand alike. By choosing the flag as the symbol for the collection, Erkers1879 celebrates their past and future with and in the city of St. Louis.


Erkers 1879 Kinloch
Erkers 1879 Kinloch

This thick, cat-eye frame with a squared-off bottom makes for a bold, feminine look. The Kinloch frames give you style with a statement. Available in Sea Foam, Black Fade, White, and Champaign.


Erkers 1879 Westmoreland
Erkers 1879 Westmoreland

As a bold, glamorous sunglass with a sharp edge and a saddle bridge, the large Westmoreland frame is both stylish and comfortable. Available in Black Snow, SeaFoam/Tokyo, Champaign, and Tokyo.

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