The Toxin Free Eyecare Office

People expect medical offices to be clean and hypo- allergenic. With the increase in allergies and Asthma and the awareness of the consumer to toxic chemicals, what can an eyecare office do to maintain a clean and healthy office?

There is a theory that we are ‘too clean’. This theory supported by the fact that kids that have grown up with pets and on farms have less allergies. Other theories dismantle that theory. Either way the consumer is becoming more aware and wants to come to a Toxin Free office.

While you can purchase ‘green’ cleaning materials, did you know that you can make them as well? Personally, I have Dr. Bronner’s castile soap around, that is a great back up for everything.

Whether it is for your house or office,there are three main (and cheap) ingredients that you can use that are toxin free and biodegradable: Baking Soda, Vinegar, Lemons. With these 3 ingredients, you can do everything from washing your hair to washing your laundry. Add in castile soap, olive oil (polisher) Borax and you have dual functionality in both your cleaning and cooking regimes.

Mix and match them with essential oils and vegetable oils and you will can have the cleanest and most toxin free home or office, a perfect combination of Green and Save.

Eye Bogglers (Source) 

  • 17,000: the number of petrochemicals available for home use, only 30% of which have been tested for exposure to human health and the environment.
  • 63: the number of synthetic chemical products found in the average American home, translating to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.
  • 100: the number of times higher that indoor air pollution levels can be above outdoor air pollution levels, according to US EPA estimates.
  • 275: the number of active ingredients in antimicrobials that the EPA classifies as pesticides because they are designed to kill microbes.
  • 5 billion: the number of pounds of chemicals that the institutional cleaning industry uses each year.
  • 23: the average gallons of chemicals (that’s 87 liters) that a janitor uses each year, 25% of which are hazardous.

Mold- I use this on the green mold on the bricks outdoors. Dip the broom into a mixture of 1/4 teaspoon of clove oil to .5 gallon. of water as a mold killer and remover. A lot of mold you can leave the mixture on overnite.


  • Toilet: ½ cup of baking soda and about 10 drops of tea tree essential oil into the toilet. Add ¼ cup of vinegar to the bowl and scrub. Mixture will fizz.
  • Use Vinegar Spray and some essential oil on a daily basis.

Surface Cleansing. I usually just spray vinegar and water.

  •  7 drops of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, cinnamon, closer, thyme, pine, grapefruit or oregano oil to 2 Cups of water.

Kitchen Cleaner

  • Mix 8 drops of lavender, 10 drops of lemon, 5 dos of eucalyptus, 8 drops of rosewood and 3 drops palma ross. Come with 2 Cups of water and spray,

Floor Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 10 drops of lemon oil and 4 drops of oregano oil Add to bucket of water.

Window Cleaner

  • 1 Cup white vinegar, 10-15 drops lemon old and 1 Cup Water. You can also use old newspapers instead of rags.

Air Freshner: Why buy stinky chemical laden air freshners.. try this

  • Put out a tub of Baking Soda (same as in the refridgetor,
  • 8 drops essential oils with 2.5 cups warm water. 5 drops bergamot, 10 drops lavender, 5 drops cinnamon, 10 drop lens.


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