The Value Of Surveys- What We Learned

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Awhile ago Shirley and I ran a survey with our readers and received valuable feedback in which we learned quite alot about how we are doing good and bad. We thank each of our readers that responded

What you wanted to know more about:

1.) Competing With Chains and Interviews With Independents and Private Practice

  • We have contacted a few independent eyecare offices for interviews. If you would like your office to be interviewed, please let us know, we are more than happy to interview ECP’s. I think sometimes our emails get lost in spam filters, as we have not had a good response for interview requests.

2.) Online Education

  • Because there are so many site for CE’s online, we had written up several posts on where to get CE’s online. What we will do is post more FREE education online as we come across it. For Education and CE’s click here
  • NCLE edcuation / Free CE’s For Contact Lens Education- Looking back we had done alot of resources for ABO but not for NCLE. Our post for Contact Lens Education

3.) Contact Lens Troubleshooting

  • Because, neither Shirley or I are actively using contact lenses, this is a challenging subject for us. But in response to this suggestion we wrote a post on Eyecare Forums in which you would be best getting your contact lens troubleshooting information from.

4.) Eyewear Trends and New Products- You Said

  • More in depth coverage of designers and how they translate with their clothing- We will try to do more on this although due to the dearth of information, we are posting more eyewear design on our sister site The Optical Journal . You can also view our ‘Look-Book’ Photo albums on The Optical Journal Facebook page.
  • New Frame Lines- Because of the sheer amount of product in eyewear, we off-blogged almost all eyewear to About every 10 days we are doing an eyewear trend report with the eyewear posts we have posted. You can also read via the RSS feed on the right sidebar the eyewear trend reports as they happen.

5.) Lenses

  • New Lens Technology – This is another area that we will work on. We have searched for unbiased reviews of new lenses and there doesn’t seem to be one! Best place to look for reviews is Shirley did a post on Freeform and Progressive Lens Technology Comparisons and we will try to do more.

6.) Merchandising

  • Several of you commented you wanted to see more merchandising. We will be adding in more merchandising techniques and how to’s. Thank you, we sometimes forget to do this and I don’t know why because they are almost always in our top hit. For merchandising eye-deas click here. You can also view A&A Optical and ClearVision Optical Facebook pages which both offer turn-key winning windows and display solutions.

7.) Human Resources

  • Thanks for the positive feedback on this. We try to get in at least 1 HR post a month. If you have topics you would like us to cover, let us know. You can view all Human Resources and Management on the links

8.) Webinairs- Free and Fee

  • We will continue to post free and fee’d Webinairs- Watch the Save The Date’s in which we will put webinairs. Several of you have attended the Social Media webinairs we posted and as we get updates from HUB Pages and Duct Tape Marketing and VisionWest we will post.

9.) Testing and Eye Exams

  • We will look into doing more of this.

10.) Sharing And Emailing The Newsletter

  • Thanks, we changed the location of the Bookmark Button to the bottom of each post. You can click on the Bookmark and the email tab is there. Should be easier to email a post now and print.

11.) How Many Times You Recieve

This is a tough one, Shirley and I discuss this on a weekly basis. We have experimented with 1 post and several times weekly. We don’t know exactly what to do about this, but are looking into other options.

Such is the value of surveys, and we highly recommend you do a patient survey to check the pulse of your practice. Its easy and free on Facebook and you probably have an email program through your software that also allows you to do it for free.

We  thank you for making comments and continue to let us know how we can get better. Please feel free to communicate the good and the bad as we progress in getting our quirky and hopefully unique information out to our readers.