Theo, J.F.REY, and John Dalia Takeover CEMO-DECOVISION


In a landmark initiative for the French-made eyewear sector and the Jura employment region, a consortium of passionate independent brands proudly announces the takeover of the activities of CEMO and DECOVISION.

CEMO-DECOVISION, renowned for its exceptional expertise and talented team, enters a new era with this takeover. The new owners, driven by the desire to preserve an emblematic source of production, emphasize the exceptional quality of the current team, led by the new General Manager, Mr. Joel Mercier. They recognize the remarkable expertise and dedication to quality as essential pillars of the project’s future success.

To mark this new dynamic, the company is adopting a new identity to become

This takeover initiative is guided by a long-term vision, offering the promise of a lasting collaboration. As loyal CEMO-DECOVISION customers, the new owners look forward to the continuity and consolidation of decades of successful partnership. They position themselves as ambassadors of Made in Jura and Made in France to the eyewear industry and their customers and wish to highlight the factory’s know-how to promote the quality and authenticity of the products manufactured.

The strategy remains to pursue and strengthen relationships with all the plant’s long-standing customers. The new owners are also encouraging other brands with new projects to join the initiative. This approach also aims at creating a broader synergy within the industry, helping to collectively strengthen the positioning of Made in France in the global eyewear market.

ATELIER CEMO eyewear on rack

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