Three New Optical Collections from CLR3D to be Unveiled at Vision Expo East

Tech Print Industries (TPI), the global technology and supply chain management business, specializing in 3D printed eyewear, has announced it will reveal the latest technological innovations with its facial scanning technology tool, and launch three new optical collections of 3D printed eyewear, at Vision Expo East on March 27th through 29th at the Javits Center in New York City.

The latest updates to TPI’s versatile Scan2Print technology incorporate new and improved high definition 3D facial scanning and mapping, as well as virtual try-on capabilities. Additionally, the platform can now utilize artificial intelligence to map each patient’s unique facial morphology and then provide recommendations for eyewear styles and shapes that will best fit their facial shape and individual biometrics.

This digital eyewear builder is compatible with the latest iOS devices and completes a facial mapping process that measures over 70 biometric facial landmarks in approximately one minute, including pupillary distance and position, vertex distance, optical center height, and facial shape. Once the scanning is complete, the platform will provide recommendations for ready-to-wear styles that will best fit the customer’s face. Users can then engage in a virtual try-on with these suggestions, or browse a digital catalog for all available styles.

In addition to these recent platform updates, TPI has been breaking ground in 3D printing capabilities. The team is continuing to design and implement new 3D surface textures that can be applied to eyewear without compromising strength and functionality. The group has also focused on producing optical frames with an ultra-smooth finish, weighing as little as four grams. More recently, as printing technology has continued to evolve, TPI has been testing limited runs of full-color 3D printing in addition to the application of intricate, full-color patterns directly on eyewear, ultimately eliminating additional steps and speeding up the 3D printing process.

While at Vision Expo East, CLR3D will be launching three new collections of ready-to-wear eyewear, while TPI conducts demonstrations of the updated facial scanning platform. The company is looking forward to meeting with eyecare providers that are interested in becoming beta testers of the software and frame collections within their business.
“We are excited about the opportunities that 3D printing brings to the optical industry,” stated Marc Notenoom, Designer and Inventor at TPI. “This technology and product is ideal for eyecare providers with discerning or non-standard fit clients, as well as providers that are passionate about creating environmental sustainability within their business. We are also actively seeking eyecare practitioners who are innovative and interested in offering a cutting-edge, experience-based retail purchase process for their customers.”

Become A Beta Tester

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester or learning more about TPI’s digital eyewear builder and the opportunities 3D printing can generate for your business, please visit the ClearVision Optical Booth, #1621 at Vision Expo East. Selected Beta Testers will be part of a feedback loop on the quality of the experience and will have special incentives during the beta test period. For more information visit ClearVision.


About Tech Print Industries

Founded in 2016 by Peter and David Friedfeld, co-owners of ClearVision Optical as well as Marc Notenboom, an Optometrist, Inventor and Designer, and later joined by Klaas Nienhuis, a 3D specialist, TPI has turned the dream of an automated fully-customized eyewear fitting system into a reality.

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