Three New Ørgreen HAVN Models Breaking The Circle

The script gets flipped for three new additions to Ørgreen’s stainless steel HAVN collection. Men get two new fun styles that experiment with step-up construction. Vim reinvents retro with modern geometry while Amerigo sports new diamond-cut engraving. Women’s style Vanity doesn’t miss out on the fun, with an almond profile and tapered step-down layering which provides the canvas for flowing coloration.

HAVN is a collection that exudes creative duality, whether it’s the step-down construction creating frame-in-frame illusions or defined contrasts in color. With its architectural rectangular shape, new men’s style Amerigo, adds another method for Ørgreen designers explore contrast, with diamond-cut textured lines in the top half of the frame and temples – where slash cuts break up the two textures. This contrast is clearest on hand-painted color combinations such as MAT BLUE/MAT BLACK COFFEE or MAT RED MAHOGANY/MAT DARK GREY, but with deep temples and corners, the engraved patterns pop perfectly on the monotone color options of MAT BLACK and MAT METALLIC LIGHT BLUE.

HAVN’s step-up and step-down construction allows Ørgreen to take classical eyewear shapes and inject them with modernity to create something entirely unique.

Women’s style Vanity takes elements of the cat’s eye and panto shapes to create a soft, almond profile that complements its generous proportions. Step-down construction tapering outwards from the center of the eye lines creates a floating frame-in-frame look and sets colors free in a similar manner to highlighter make-up. The palette of colors has something for everyone, with bold options that include MAT WHITE CREAM/MAT BLACK COFFEE or a refined pairing such as MAT ROSE GOLD/MAT PORT RED.

A modern exploration of the panto profile, men’s style Vim brings a hint of present-day flowing geometry to the frame’s brow line, while a period keyhole bridge evokes memories of yesteryear. Step-up detailing around the eyeline adds depth and contrast through six two-tone colorways. The brooding MAT BLACK/MAT DARK GREY keeps the contrast more subtle, while options such as MAT GREEN/MAT METALLIC GREY ramp up the vibrancy.


Orgreen Amerigo Eyeglasses
Orgreen Amerigo

Following the success of last year’s innovative step-up detail, Amerigo marks a new phase of our stainless-steel collection HAVN, introducing a diamond-cut engraved pattern at the top part of the two-tone rectangular frame. Concentrating the step-up detail solely on the top bar— marked by a drop bridge detail—produces a dynamic logic of interrupted lines, also thanks to engraved line textures that extend from the front to temples. 90-degrees silicone end-pieces and nose pads ensure ultimate comfort to this ground-breaking frame in the Ørgreen family.


Orgreen Vanity Eyeglasses
Orgreen Vanity

Vanity pushes the optical effect of stainless-steel eyewear with its distinctive step-down detail sliding seamlessly from the eye-shape corner to the end-pieces and temples. This allows radiant color stories to break free across the temple, an effect similar to make-up highlighting. Vanity is a cat/almond style ideal for medium to large female faces, with Ørgreen’ssignature turned end-pieces, minimal temple design, and silicone nose pads ensuring comfort and long-lasting wear.


Orgreen Vim Eyeglasses
Orgreen Vim Eyeglasses

Extending the design features of our HAVN collection, this stainless-steel frame for men clashes tradition and innovation through a “hexa-panto” shape: a geometric variation of the vintage panto style. This is an ideal frame for smaller faces, with an evocative architectural keyhole bridge and HAVN’s distinctive step-up detail around the eyes, which lends a softness to the expression. VIM comes with effortlessly minimal temple design, comfortable silicone nose pads, and our signature turned end pieces.

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