Three Spectacular Eyeglass Windows

If you are thinking of remodeling or doing a touch up, why not add an eyeglass window as they are the windows to your eyecare office.

We love this interior frame display that is shaped like a pair of eyeglasses. As you can see the display is a ‘typical’ frame board, that has been accentuated with round highlights and lighting.

Sole OPtika by Sole Optika by Csiszér Design, Körmend – Hungary; Retail Design

In another example, the doors are built to resemble pointy shades.

Saul.E.Mendez.Guatemala by Fotoptica on Pinterest

If the above is a challenge to envision, why not just paint a large spectacles?

Leo Burnett Moscow / Nefa Architects

All the above are ‘Eye-Catching and brand building.

TC Charton Eyewear - Made To Fit