Three Up-Cycled Sunglass Storage Finds

For America’a Recycled Day we bring to you three new ideas to store your favorite sunwear. All are from found or up-cycled materials. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find original image credits. All images were found on Pinterest.

  1. Tis block of wood has ‘holes’ drilled in to hold the sunglasses and prongs to hold the eyeglass cases. The wood can be painted any color to match decor.

2.) Taking a mirror, adding nails or tacks of some sort, laced string or yard brings another creative and DIY look to a sunglass collection.

3.) My personal favorite as this one requires absolutely no work. This ‘shelving’ unit can usually be found in alleyways, at least in mine all one needs to do it find wall space and lean it. How easy is that!

Image Credit Unknown
Erkers 1879 Eyewear - The Optical Journal